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Safety eyewear

uvex pheos nxt

Experience unparalleled comfort, exceptional vision, and robust protection with the uvex pheos nxt safety glasses. These innovative spectacles boast a combination of features that allows you to remain comfortable, focused and protected throughout the day. Suitable for a wide varierty of industries, the malleable side arms of the uvex pheos nxt adapt to your head size for a pressure-free grip and long-lasting WEARABILITY.

uvex i-range

The uvex i-range is our new innovative versatile safety eyewear line with suitable products for a number of workplace hazards and environments. The face seal of the i-guard is made of recycled materials, which contributes to resource-saving and environmental protection - following our motto "protecting planet". The side arms and headband can be easily exchanged enabling the user to adapt the eyewear to suit any application.

uvex pheos cx2 sonic

The uvex pheos cx2 sonic safety goggles can be easily combined with other items of PPE or worn under a faceshield thanks to their compact design. A soft textile headband ensures an excellent fit to protect you from spray and particle ingress. Very comfortable to wear thanks to the soft forehead and nose piece moulded directly onto the lens.

uvex pheos faceguard

The uvex pheos faceguard system consists of a height and width-adjustable head mount and a high-quality, scratch-resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate visor. The visor can be locked in any position, while the head mount is fully adjustable providing the wearer with the highest level of flexibility.

uvex i-5

The sophisticated features of the uvex i-5 ensure superior wearer comfort even when worn for long periods. Sleek side arms with 3 incline positions and soft, extendable x-twist technology provide an adaptive fit that's suitable for the majority of faces. The frame is firm where it needs to be whilst maintaining a low-pressure grip around the ears.

uvex megasonic

The revolutionary frameless lens design of the uvex megasonic has an exceptional field of vision and delivers edge to edge crystal clear clarity - giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible. The generous internal volume and specially formed recess accommodates side arms for prescription spectacle wearers, delivering a comfortable stable fit.

uvex sportstyle
The uvex sportstyle is a close-fitting, sporty design with an extremely low weight of just 23g for incredible comfort. Whatever your industry or sporting activity, the uvex sportstyle delivers.

uvex pheos
In addition to an attractive design, uvex pheos safety spectacles incorporate duo-spherical lens technology, which not only offers a wide field of vision but is extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside.

uvex pheos cx2
The distinctive design and shape of the side arms together with the innovative X-Twist technology allows the uvex pheos cx2 to adapt to individual head widths providing a comfortable, non-slip fit.

uvex CR safety eyewear
The uvex CR range is the ideal safety eyewear for areas of application that require repeated autoclave sterilisation and features anti-fog performance.

uvex ultravision
The uvex ultravision features a comfortable and ergonomic design and offers unrestricted side visibility.

uvex ultrasonic
Packed full of pioneering technology, the uvex ultrasonic set the benchmark for the next generation of high performing safety goggles.

Sealed safety eyewear
With a more universal fit and diverse application range, sealed safety eyewear with foam inserts are a great option to maintain compatibility and protect against dirt, debris, and splashes to the eyes.

uvex CBR65
uvex's CBR65 tint has been developed to protect wearers working indoors or outdoors for long hours under harsh light conditions. Ideal for those that require high levels of concentration or undertake close inspection work.

uvex ultrasonic
The World Health Organisation (WHO) now recommends UV protection up to 400 nm, based on the latest scientific findings. All uvex safety eyewear is equipped with uvex UV400 effective UV protection as standard.

Safety gloves

Bamboo TwinFlex®

The patented Bamboo TwinFlex® technology combines the best of both worlds in one fine 18-gauge cut protection glove (Cut Level D). Noticeably softer on the skin thanks to the bamboo-viscose, the smooth fit and high moisture absorption provides long-lasting comfort and high wearer acceptance.

HexArmor + uvex

Since 2016, uvex have partnered with HexArmor, the global leaders in extreme cut, impact, puncture and needlestick resistance hand and body PPE. The significant synergies between the two companies create tangible value added for our customers: together, uvex and HexArmor stand for trust, safety and protecting people.

uvex athletic

The uvex athletic is a multi-task economical solution, offering a robust and durable glove option or an extremely lightweight and breathable glove option. The uvex athletic benefits from a slim fit design, featuring a highly flexible polyamide and elastane liner giving excellent comfort, dexterity and fit.

uvex unilite 7710F

The uvex unilite 7710F is a fully coated multi-purpose safety glove for a variety of heavy-duty tasks. The seamless nylon liner, full surface nitrile rubber coating and the sandy nitrile grip finish to the palms provides superior grip and abrasion resistance, ideal for dry, dirty, wet and oily environments.

uvex unilite thermo plus cut c

The uvex unilite thermo plus cut c is a winter safety glove that combines protection against thermal risks (cold) with very good cut protection (Level C). Characterised by an extremely robust polymer coating which remains flexible even at low temperatures.

uvex phynomic x-foam HV

Developed with industry partners to help reduce the risk of fingers becoming trapped in machinery or tools. A seamless break section integrated into the fingers significantly reduces the tear resistance, minimising the risk of injuries.

uvex phynomic series
The uvex phynomic range fit like a second skin thanks to the revolutionary thin but robust aqua-polymer coating - guaranteeing grip and durability across a range of applications.

Chemical protection gloves
Alongside the right protective function, wearer comfort is extremely important for safety gloves. Explore the full uvex u-chem range to find the right one for your working environment.

Cold protection gloves
uvex unilite thermo safety gloves feature a durable polymer coating that remains highly flexible even at low temperatures, making them the ideal choice for working in the cold.

Safety footwear

uvex 1 trainer

The uvex 1 trainer is ultra-light, flexible and highly breathable, allowing you to move effortlessly through your day. The mesh lining allows feet to breathe and the soft padded tongue and collar enhances comfort. Designed for those that spend most of their working day standing, walking or generally active, the uvex 1 trainer provides comfort, support, cushioning and high levels of slip resistance. Available in either black or blue, the striking design looks good whatever the day brings.

uvex 1 G2 planet

From the upper to the sole, the new uvex 1 G2 planet offers both sustainability and performance in one. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 14021:2016, it consists of 30% recycled materials in terms of weight, without compromising its protective properties or comfort. Many of the components, such as the upper and insole, are made from 100% recycled materials. We also use some of the excess PU created during the production process of the outer sole to create the uvex x-tended grip planet.

uvex 1 G2

The new uvex 1 G2 safety shoes features three innovative technologies - uvex i-PUREnrj redefines shock absorption and stability by recovering the landing energy over the entire sole unit and returning it back to the wearer; uvex x-tended grip technology with abrasion and slip resistance ensures stability and sure-footedness when walking; and uvex x-dry knit is a unique technology that combines outstanding breathability with water-repellent characteristics.

uvex 1 sport white

The uvex 1 sport white is a contemporary, stylish safety shoe with excellent wearer comfort thanks to a lightweight design, climate-optimised high-tech materials, ergonomically designed outsole and the uvex multiple fit system. The virtually seam-free finish prevents unwanted contaminants from getting inside the shoe when worn in environments where hygiene is paramount. Combining sporty design, optimal comfort and sophisticated functionality for hygienic areas.

uvex 1 business

uvex's new line of safety footwear brings together the classic styling of the Derby shoe and the Desert boot with essential protective features. Save time during your working day with the uvex 1 business, designed to take you seamlessly from your desk to the shopfloor and straight into a meeting. These smart lace-up shoes and boots are the ideal choice for those who work in both office and factory environments.

uvex 3

The uvex 3 has been specially developed for the extreme demands faced in heavy-duty applications. It combines necessary robustness with a dynamic sports-inspired energy-return sole, helping to minimise fatigue. Equipped with the latest uvex technologies, the uvex 3 reliably protects the wearer while providing high levels of comfort. The uvex 3 has an ergonomic two-layer sole made of a newly developed polyurethane, providing excellent cushioning and high levels of slip-resistance.


The SUXXEED OFFROAD range has been developed to withstand the demands of those working in rugged outdoor environments such as the building trades. The SUXXEED OFFROAD features reflective elements to increase wearer’s visibility and fewer seams for greater comfort and resistance to water penetration. The outdoor design, all-terrain sole and injection moulded polyurethane scuff cap are designed specifically for the demands of those working in more challenging workplaces.


Featuring D3O® technology, the Heckel MACCROSSROAD 3.0 S3 HIGH META safety boot ensures optimal protection against falling objects. D3O® is a flexible, cellular material made of "floating" molecules. In its raw state, the material is very flexible. However, upon impact, these molecules have the capacity to bind together and instantly (in less than 10 milliseconds) transform into a solid to absorb and dissipates the generated energy.


The antimagnetic MACCROSSROAD® ADVENTURE 3.0 range is dedicated to demanding work environments and anyone looking for an authentic outdoor design. Developed to meet the specific challenges of the construction and engineering industrial , where workers and their footwear face extreme weather conditions and high mechanical stress. Experience durability and excellent levels of grip thanks to our exclusive MACSOLE® sole, rubber scuff cap and Agile Ankle Guard support system, making it the most versatile range bar none.

uvex 1
The uvex 1 range combines innovative technologies with modern and functional design. The lightweight design protects and supports the natural movement of the human body.

uvex 2
The uvex 2 range features a durable, water-repellent soft leather upper and is perfectly suited to outdoor applications. High grip PU soles disperse surface debris to reduce slip risk.

uvex 2 construction
Thanks to the intelligent design and innovative technologies, the uvex 2 construction offers reliable protection, stability and exceptional comfort.

Safety helmets & visors

uvex pheos modular system

The uvex pheos helmet series offers maximum safety and wearer comfort across the range of hard hats, climbing helmets or helmets with visors and hearing protection. uvex pheos helmets offer premium protection, benefitting from interchangeable components that fit perfectly onto the ergonomic structure.

uvex pheos planet

The lightweight uvex pheos planet safety helmet is part of the uvex “protecting planet” range of sustainable products. The shell is made of up to 30% bioplastic (the raw material being sugar cane) and the material for the headband is made from 50% granulated helmet shells which helps reduce process-related waste.

uvex pheos visor

The uvex pheos visor is made from high-quality polycarbonate that meets the highest optical quality class, and benefits from uvex's unrivalled uvex supravision excellence anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens coating technology. The uvex pheos visor fits the uvex pheos helmet range seamlessly, leaving no gaps.

Respiratory protection

Hearing protection

uvex silv-Air c face masks

The uvex silv-Air c range of face masks combine high performance filtering with low breathing resistance technology. The many design features of the uvex silv-Air c range have been developed with the wearers comfort in mind.

uvex xact-fit reusable

The uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs feature a unique oval design to perfectly fit the anatomy of the ear canal. The angled pin significantly reduces pressure in the ear, ensuring the earplugs are comfortable to wear even during long shifts. Available in two sizes and with or without a plastic reusable box for hygienic storage.

Sustainable hearing protection

By buying uvex earplugs, you are not only getting an innovative, high quality and comfortable product, but you are also supporting your company's sustainability targets by reducing CO2 emissions, protecting natural resources, communities and society.

uvex expertise

Size matters

We understand that when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE) one size does not fit all. It may seem obvious, but correctly sized PPE can help avoid accidents, reduce discomfort and increase productivity. If employees find their PPE uncomfortable to wear chances are they won't wear it.

Cost in use

‘You get what you pay for’ is a maxim that's extremely relevant to the purchase of PPE - buying low-cost imported products will calculate to be more expensive in the long run. It is possible to pay very little for products that meet required safety standards, however, the performance often falls short when subjected to the demands of the real-world.

Female PPE

As advocates for gender inclusivity, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to PPE is simply not adequate. Through our comprehensive PPE fit programmes we identify the most suitable safety products that can be tailored to the individual’s needs, taking into account factors such as gender, body shape, size, and preferences.

uvex climazone

uvex climazone is the innovative head-to-toe climate control system. uvex has combined its expertise in research and development with the use of intelligent materials and processing technology to create a unique range of climate-optimising products.

Arc Flash solutions

An Arc Flash occurs when there is a sudden release of electrical energy through the air caused by a fault in an electrical circuit. An Arc Flash incident should be recognised as a real danger to your team - uvex have a variety of PPE solutions to help protect your workforce.

The uvex CO₂ footprint

To determine the transparency of our products’ greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire supply chain, and to provide our customers with a comprehensive view of the company’s carbon footprint, we have started to calculate the CO₂ footprint for our products.