Anti-reflective coatings

Do your employees work under artificial lighting in either an office or industrial environment? Ever hear them complaining of tired, itchy, uncomfortable eyes or headaches? Did you know that working in these sorts of conditions, eyes can quickly fatigue due to reflections from screens and surfaces or due to a lack of light getting into the eye? All of these factors put additional strain on the eye and the surrounding muscles in order to focus.

More than 80% of spectacle wearers experience unwanted reflections when indoors and outdoors. We live in an environment with more and more light of different types, artificial light as well as natural light create annoying reflections. Our future is filled with technologies which will make our lives even brighter….leading to a world full of reflections.

In addition to good eye health practices, having an anti-reflective coating can help protect eyes while working. An AR coating increases the light that transitions through the lens resulting in clearer, sharper vision thus allowing the eye and surrounding muscles to relax. As a result eyes are less strained, fatigue is reduced and the spectacle wearer is more comfortable. This allows them to get on with their day without distraction which can have a bearing on productivity.

What do they do?

✓ An AR coating increases the light that passes through the lens, allowing the eye to focus
✓ AR coatings help reduce unwanted or annoying reflections
✓ Vision is clearer and sharper resulting in less need for the eyes to strain in order to focus
✓ As a result, muscles relax, tension is released and the wearer is more comfortable.

Reduce glare from screens

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Glare caused by bright lights in poorly lit environments can be just as uncomfortable for a wearer as reflections caused by bright light.

  • Reducing the reflections on a lens improves both vision and aesthetics.
  • Standard lens material reflects around 8% of light, and polycarbonate material reflects approximately 10% of light.
  • Enhancing the lens with an anti-reflective coating reduces reflections and increases the amount of light transmitted – resulting in clearer, sharper, crisper vision.

Benefits of an anti-reflective lens treatment

✓ Better transmission of visual information

✓ Reduction of ghost images

✓ Decrease of unwanted reflections

✓ Helps to reduce fatigue

✓ Wearer is more comfortable

✓ Increases ability to concentrate

✓ Helps to increase productivity

Benefits of an anti-reflective lens treatment

With an increase of artificial light sources, we’re surrounded by reflections. Lens coatings that offer anti-reflection or anti-glare properties are perfect for improving visual sharpness and comfort.

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uvex has a range of safety and VDU prescription eyewear so not only can you buy all employees prescription eyewear from a single brand (through your existing PPE supplier), uvex is able to apply an AR coating at a fraction of the cost that you are normally charged on the high street.

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