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uvex offer a wide range of safety gloves, suitable for a variety of applications. We pay particular attention to the fit and feel of the glove, as we know if your PPE isn’t comfortable, it won’t get worn.

But with so many safety gloves available and a huge variety of coatings and finishes possible, how do you know what glove will be the right one to protect you and be suitable for the task? We have put together a simplified glove selection guide to help you make that decision. Download our guide below, or if you need more guidance get in touch with our team to discuss your needs with our glove solution experts.

Download our simplified glove selection guide

Why trust uvex for your hand protection needs?

uvex centre of expertise for safety gloves

Not only is uvex the largest European glove manufacturer, the CO2 neutral production facility is certified to the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 which focuses on the continuous improvement process with the aim of enabling concrete environmental goals to be achieved in the long-term. No other safety glove manufacturer in Europe has ever achieved this stringent certification before.

Based in Lüneburg, Germany, the uvex centre of expertise is a state-of-the-art automated and environmentally certified manufacturing facility with stringent quality control measures to ensure first-class quality of our safety gloves. By manufacturing in Germany, uvex pursues efficient, resource-preserving production processes and ensures that the path from manufacturer to end-user is as short as possible.

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Choosing the right glove

When selecting the right hand protection for your application, it is important to consider what your tasks involve and the type, duration and frequency of contact with substances such as grease or water. Different coatings provide different benefits according to the task and circumstances, such as foam coatings for oil grip, and repellent ones for wet environments. Remember to also consider the required dexterity, mobility, durability, comfort and flexibility of the glove. Performance, as well as protection, is essential.

Need help choosing the right glove?

Selection of the appropriate glove for each specific task, and the hazards involved, is critical to avoid the risk of injury. Using the right glove benefits both the employer and employee, seeing a reduction in costs and waste; increased efficiency and productivity; improved health and safety; increased acceptance of PPE; and the need for lower stock levels.

Standards and markings

Understanding the standards is essential to determining which glove offers the best protection against your workplace hazards.

Download datasheets

Search and download product data sheets, user instructions and CE declarations of compliance of all uvex safety gloves.

Glove maintenance tips

Follow these tips on how to care for and maintain your uvex mechanical safety gloves hygienically and safely, storing and washing them correctly.

Health & wellbeing

Our products and their components are tested by independent laboratories and institutes for skin friendliness, the absence of hazardous substances.

Working with HexArmor

In addition to the uvex core range of products, uvex has partnered with HexAmor®, a North American based leader in safety gloves and exclusive licensee of SuperFabric® brand material. The company offers a range of unique and complementary solutions that combat industrial ultra-high cut, puncture, needlestick and impact injuries.

SuperFabric® Brand material

SuperFabric® brand material is a proprietary finishing process that configures tiny guard plates onto performance fabrics that help provide resistance against the harshest hazards. Guard plates arrest, trap and block needles and other hazards. Find out more here

Needlestick protection

SuperFabric® guard plates block and deflect needle hazards or trap and arrest them. Multiple layers of SuperFabric® brand material delivers needlestick resistance level 4 and 5 (level 5 being the highest) according to the ASTM F2878 hypodermic needle puncture test. Find out more

Impact protection

Back-of-hand bones and soft tissue are extremely vulnerable to impact-related hand injuries. Identifying appropriate hand protection is imperative in impact-related issues and pinch injuries – and having the right standard in place is paramount for this process. Find out more

Online chemical database

The extensive chemical database of the uvex Chemical Expert System (CES) provides you with all the information you need to select suitable safety gloves for handling hazardous substances or for creating individual permeation lists. The glove that is perfect for your areas of application is never more than a few clicks away.

Advantages of the CES

  • Extensive database of tested chemicals
  • Easy selection of chemical protection safety gloves
  • Company-specific chemical lists
  • Straightforward creation and management of glove plans
  • High degree of glove plan customisation
  • Available in several languages
  • uvex consultation and product expertise from one source
  • Ability to create a plan combining gloves from multiple manufacturers

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