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Introducing the newest addition to the uvex xact-fit earplug family – the uvex xact-fit reusable. This innovative design overcomes the practicalities of those with intermittent noise protection requirements, and makes the fitting of earplugs convenient, accurate and easy. Specific left and right fitting together with the oval, tapered plugs and ergonomic stem ensures correct insertion and optimum fit - providing both the intended and the required protection.

The uvex xact-fit reusable plugs are ideal for those who wear gloves, people who are new to wearing hearing protection, those who have difficulty fitting plugs or health and safety managers who have concerns over the effectiveness of plug fitting. This creative solution does not require rolling or touching the part that goes into the ear, reducing the risk of contamination and increasing hygiene.

This latest design means the uvex xact-fit range now incorporates a foam disposable plug, a detectable system and a reusable solution that's available in two sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Using earplugs has never been easier

The uvex xact-fit range provides medium protection capacity (26 dB SNR) allowing excellent speech and signal recognition for easy communication. The ergonomic plug shape means it fits most ear canals securely and comfortably. The stem is shaped to fit either the left or right ear to increase wearer comfort and make the earplugs easier to insert and remove. The design is clearly identifiable from a distance, making it straightforward to monitor usage in accordance with your company's regulations.

  • Fast and accurate insertion
  • Excellent speech and signal recognition
  • No rolling required
  • Can be used with dirty hands
  • Or while wearing gloves
  • Cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice
  • Ergonomically shaped stems make fitting easy
  • Hygienic as well as extremely comfortable
uvex xact-fit disposable earplugs

Intelligent ergonomics

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uvex xact-fit delivers a perfect fit

Perfect fit

Oval-shaped earplugs mimic the natural shape of the ear canal for low pressure fit and enhanced comfort, with no rolling required.

Ergonomic thumb indentations on the uvex xact-fit

Ergonomic thumb indentations

The ergonomic thumb indentations with left and right marking ensures correct insertion and easy fitting, even while wearing gloves.

Adjustable cord on the uvex xact-fit

Adjustable cord

Thanks to an adjustable cord the earplugs can be worn comfortably around the neck so they're always conveniently to hand.

Based on the human anatomy

The novel design of the uvex xact-fit is based on the anatomy of the ear canal, mimicking the natural oval shape. This noticeably reduces pressure inside the ear – even when worn for extended periods - as well as allowing fast, easy and accurate insertion.

  • Low pressure, sealed PU foam reduces the potential for contamination for increased hygiene
  • Adjustable neck cord can be altered to wearers requirements for increased safety
  • Replacement pods help prolong the life of the product
Cross section of an ear canal is oval shaped

Available in 3 designs

The uvex xact-fit is as unique to each ear as a pair of shoes is to each foot – you can’t get it wrong. This unique left and right plug fitting ensures the correct insertion and optimum fit. The uvex xact-fit is available in three designs: reusable, disposable and detectable.

uvex xact-fit reusable

  • Easy-to-clean, reusable corded earplugs with thumb indentations
  • Smooth, dirt-repellent surface can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water
  • Available in two sizes (S and M/L)
  • Can be handled with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
  • Ideal for variable environments
  • 26 dB SNR

uvex xact-fit disposable

  • Disposable earplugs with cord and thumb indentations
  • Replacement earplugs can be stored in dispenser
  • Soft replacement earplugs guarantee wearer comfort
  • Can be handled with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
  • 26 dB SNR

uvex xact-fit detec disposable

  • Detectable disposable earplugs with cord and thumb indentations
  • Replacement earplugs can be stored in dispenser
  • Integrated metal parts and blue colour enable easy recognition in production areas
  • Can be handled with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
  • 26 dB SNR

Sustainable manufacturing of hearing protection

Reusable hearing protection is a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. uvex xact-fit hearing protection is manufactured in our ISO 26000 accredited production facility in Sweden, that does not produce any CO2 emissions and in recent years has cut energy consumption by 45% by investing in modern machinery and innovative processes.

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