Innovative climate management

uvex climazone is our innovative head-to-toe climate control system developed to help you maintain a comfortable temperature whilst wearing your essential PPE. uvex has combined its expertise in research and development with the use of intelligent materials and processing technology to create a unique range of climate-optimising products.

To effectively improve the climate in occupational safety equipment, it is essential to analyse relevant factors to investigate and understand how they work together. uvex has been researching the impact of climate issues for many years. In collaboration with well-known institutes such as PFI (Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute), the Kaiserslauten Technical College and the Hohenstein Institute, testing methods and devices have been developed to enable a comprehensive and proven measurement of climate characteristics.

uvex climazone hand climate management

Innovative climate management
uvex climazone hand climate management

Safety gloves that meet the uvex climazone standard offer measurably increased breathability and reduced perspiration for greater well-being when wearing safety gloves. Our hands have 375 sweat glands per square centimetre on the palms and the insides of the fingers, and around another 200 on the back of the hand. Nowhere else on the human body has more glands — and these are particularly active in the summer. This is why, in order to offer hand protection with reliable grip, we have developed the uvex climazone hand-climate management system, which stores the moisture resulting from strenuous work in the material or wicks it away.

uvex climazone functions like the body's own climatic system: deviations from the individual climate are balanced and the body temperature remains at a consistently comfortable level. Excess warmth and moisture are effectively removed, reducing the feeling of cold.

Temperature regulation is of particular importance in hand protection products. Innovative coating technologies, cutting-edge materials and unique ventilation solutions ensure high product quality and wearer acceptance. The material's breathability, ventilated design and high moisture retention create real comfort and keep hands dry and protected.

uvex climazone foot climate management

uvex climazone foot climate management

Effective temperature control is particularly important in the field of safety footwear. We have combined our expertise in research and product development with the use of intelligent materials and processing technologies to develop a unique range of climate-optimising safety footwear.

Our feet produce enough sweat during intense physical activity to fill an entire glass of water over the course of a day. uvex climazone draws this moisture away, leaving feet dry and comfortable, and reduces the risk of discomfort caused by blisters, fungal infections or even mild hypothermia.

In collaboration with renowned institutes such as the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e. V. (Test and Research Institute for Footwear Production), Kaiserslauten University of Applied Sciences and the Hohenstein Institutes, we have been researching climate conditions for a long time. Testing methods and devices are being developed that enable a comprehensive and solid measurement of climate characteristics for the first time. Hot or cold feet, as well as discomfort from heavy sweating, can be real problems in the workplace – that's why perfect climate control is especially important for safety shoes.

uvex climazone helmet ventilation

Graphic showing airflow through uvex safety helmet

Keep a cool head at all times: The climate inside a safety helmet can have a big impact on wearer comfort and compliance. The individually adjustable climazone ventilation ensures optimal ventilation.

Designed to move the way you do with front and back vents that allows air in to cool the head and warm air to escape at the rear. The vents can easily be opened to increase airflow through the helmet and closed to help combat the elements.

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