WEARABILITY - The key to choosing prescription safety eyewear

uvex prescription safety spectacles are individually adapted to the wearer's vision while offering the best possible protection in the workplace. We call this WEARABILITY. But what do we mean by that? WEARABILITY = Compliance. It is PPE that doesn’t get in the way, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Ultimately, it’s the perfect balance of four main factors:



Proper fit
Head and facial shapes all differ requiring a range of prescription safety eyewear from which employees can select. Properly fitting prescription frames can help avoid accidents, reduce discomfort, increase productivity and give wearers the confidence that they're as protected as their colleagues.



All day comfort
With proper fit comes comfort. Prescription safety eyewear not only protects against mechanical hazards (workplace debris and contaminants), it should be free of pressure points, lightweight, breathable and not slip. It’s only when PPE fits well and is comfortable that it remains worn throughout the day.



Product performance
Our in-house expertise, together with our UK-based lens manufacturer, means we can provide the highest-quality prescription eyewear as well as optional extras - such as lens tints and performance enhancing lens coating technology - for a fundamentally different wearer experience.



Modern style
Prescription safety eyewear that is high performing, comfortable and stylish means employees will not only want to wear their designated safety eyewear, but receive the same level of protection as colleagues, and protect their personal glasses from becoming damaged at work.

Find the frame that fits you best

uvex prescription safety spectacles are individually adapted to the wearer's vision while offering the best possible protection in the workplace. Head and facial shapes all differ requiring a range of prescription safety eyewear from which employees can select. Adaptable features, such as nose bridges, extendable side arms and tight-fit kits, allow wearers to achieve the ultimate close fit (to keep hazards out) and find a position that means they can work comfortably, confidently and with as little distraction as possible.

Adjustable, soft nosebridge

Perfect fit

Unlike conventional frame designs, uvex prescription frames benefit from adjustable features, allowing the wearer to adapt components, such as the nose bridge and temple ends, to fit. Wraparound designs offer the perfect fit and maximum protection thanks to wide side arms and clever, ergonomic curvature of the lens.

uvex anatomic sport lenses

uvex sport lenses

The stronger curve of the uvex RX sp frame means the position of the lenses are at an angle straight in front of the eye. The specially developed uvex sport glazing delivers maximum optical clarity as we only use lenses with a base curve identical to that of the frame.

Metal and plastic frames

Metal and plastic frames

uvex provides a choice of metal, plastic and wraparound frame styles for safety or office use, making it easy to find the right fit. Both metal and plastic ranges feature designs with anatomically adjustable, soft nose pads and easily adjustable earpieces for exceptional fit.

Innovative features for comfortable protection

Decades of experience and innovative technologies form the basis for uvex products, which are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent safety standards. In addition to safety, uvex also guarantees maximum comfort and quality. Protective equipment that fits properly not only offers reliable protection, it is also more likely to be comfortable and therefore, worn by the employee.

Prescription safety eyewear should deliver a low-pressure, lightweight fit with even weight distribution. Thanks to uvex’s German-engineered dual-injection mould technology, we’re able to combine soft and hard components into frames that flex; making them comfortable and durable, while also ensuring frames stay put.

Innovative duo component technology

Innovative duo component technology

uvex has developed an injection moulding process that allows hard and soft materials around the brow, nose and side arms, delivering ultimate fit for outstanding protection, comfort and stability.

High quality materials

High quality materials

uvex offers a wide range of high-quality lens materials, focus types and frames. This makes it easier to switch between personal spectacles and employer-provided safety spectacles, increasing wearer acceptance.

uvex megasonic OTG function

Goggle compatibility

uvex safety goggles are designed to be compatible for spectacle wearers. The uvex megasonic feature a specially designed recesses to ensure there is enough room for the spectacle side arms, eliminating any discomfort from pressure on the temples.

Performance without distraction

uvex prescription safety spectacles are certified and marked in accordance with EN 166, so they can be used in workplaces where safety spectacles are mandatory. As occupational safety spectacles, they not only protect the eyes (from UV radiation, flying particles, dust etc.), but are also a visual aid because the lenses have a dioptric effect.

The comprehensive uvex quality system guarantees the best design from an optical and processing technology perspective. All materials used (lenses, frames, cases etc.) are free from harmful substances and are regularly inspected.

Choice of anti-fog solutions

uvex have a number of anti-fog solutions to choose from, depending on your individual need. Optifog's unique anti-fog system provides a more permanent solution, ideal for professionals that need a long-term anti-fog answer. Our uvex antifog lens cloth applies an ultra-thin layer of uvex's unique anti-fog formula, ideal for occasional use.

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Anti-reflective (AR) coating

More than 80% of spectacle wearers experience unwanted reflections when indoors and outdoors. uvex is able to apply an AR coating at a fraction of the cost that you are normally charged on the high street. Anti-reflective lens treatments allow better transmission of visual information and decrease unwanted reflections for better visual comfort.

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Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses

If you buy from a high street optician don't assume the glasses have the same impact protection as safety eyewear users. uvex lenses are manufactured from polycarbonate for its exceptional impact resistance. Polycarbonate lenses conform to EN166 F and are thinner and lighter than other materials and naturally block out 100% of the sun’s UV rays.

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Style meets comfort and safety meets design

We all want to look and feel good, even at work. When ‘wearability’ is designed into safety eyewear, employees are more likely to keep it where it should be, on their face and in front of their eyes. It is possible for employees to have high-performing, comfortable, properly fitting prescription safety spectacles or goggles that keeps dust and debris out, in a style and design to ensure there is something for everyone. The wide range of uvex styles and designs of safety eyewear allows you to find the product that most suits you.

The highest-quality prescription safety eyewear in the industry

In addition to our team of experts both in-house and throughout the UK, uvex has developed an online ordering portal for customers, making ordering prescription eyewear even easier, faster and more manageable.

This tailor-made system walks those responsible for the ordering of prescription eyewear through the process so that they can issue employees with the correct forms before visiting an optician. The selection within the system will have been customised for the organisation ensuring employees not only receive a pair of glasses that are appropriate for their workplace hazards, they also fall within the agreed spending limits. Learn more

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