Prioritise fit and comfort with uvex safety footwear

Industrial footwear fits differently compared to everyday shoes. This is due to the materials used for durability and protection, and the inclusion of safety features like toecaps. Sizing can also vary between brands. At uvex, we understand that all-day comfort is crucial for peak performance. That’s why we prioritise both fit and comfort in our footwear. By eliminating distractions from uncomfortable boots or shoes, employees can focus on their tasks and achieve their best.

The uvex clinics support employees with the correct fitting of safety footwear

The service ensures employees find the correct size (length) and width for their boots or shoes. This approach helps reduce discomfort and potential foot problems, while also promoting better support for the musculoskeletal system and extending the life of the footwear, uvex foot clinics also cater to employees with specific needs, offering support for conditions like plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and bunions.diabetes, bunions and other such conditions.

What happens during a uvex foot clinic?

  1. uvex will discuss safety footwear options with the employer based on the risk assessment and pre-qualification questionnaire.
  2. At the uvex fit clinic the employee stands on a fit board that takes a heat impression of the foot to determine size, width, gait and exact pressure points (i.e over pronation or over supination).
  3. The individual’s foot is measured against a mondo point measurement system to determine the correct sizing (length and width).
  4. The arch instep is also measured during this thermal transfer and recorded.
  5. The employee will try on the chosen footwear styles in the corret size with the width fitting or arch support insoles.
  6. If an employee is between sizes they may need to try two sizes. The chosen footwear and insole combination is recorded on the footwear clinic form.
  7. Replacement insoles are recommended to be replaced every 6 to 8 months.

Arch support insoles

Arch pain is generally caused by the pronation of our feet. Pronation relates to the rolling motion of the foot as we walk or run. If you over-pronate or under-pronate pressure and forces can become unevenly distributed causing pains in the arch of the foot. Insoles that effectively support the arches of the feet can help ease discomfort by distributing the body weight evenly.

uvex tune-up arch support insoles provide support and comfort to the arch of the foot. They can help realign the natural position of the foot helping to lower foot pain, back and knee pain and also help avoid fallen arches. Certified for use in uvex 1 and uvex 2 safety footwear.

  • Very good cushioning for comfort underfoot
  • Prevents pressure points
  • Breathable fabric that absorbs moisture
  • Antibacterial and antistatic
  • Suitable for ESD footwear
  • Machine washable at 30°C (delicate wash cycle)

uvex tune-up insole low
Sizes 3 to 16

uvex tune-up insole medium
Sizes 3 to 16

uvex tune-up insole high
Sizes 3 to 16

Using the uvex tune-up board

Find the right fit with uvex tune-up board

  1. Place your foot flat on the board with the back of your heel touching the raised guard
  2. Thermo-dynamic crystals change colour when exposed to body heat, leaving an impression of your arch type
  3. High arches will leave a narrow foot impression, whereas flat arches will leave a wider impression
  4. The board will be ready to use again after 30 seconds
  5. Select the appropriate insole for your foot type from our range of uvex tune-up insoles
How to use your tune-up board to find the right fit

Customised width fitting

Available in three widths, allowing the wearer to alter the dimensions inside the shoe for a customised fit. The full-surface shock absorption reduces pressure evenly across the foot, helping to minimise potential back, knee and joint problems. Ultra breathable materials allow effective removal of sweat and moisture without reducing the shock absorbing properties. Antistatic properties also reduce the risk of electrostatic shocks.

uvex multiple fit system insoles changes the dimensions inside the footwear. Width 10 is a thicker insole, reducing space inside the footwear for a narrower fit. Width 12 is a thinner insole increasing space inside the shoe for a wider fit.

  • Full surface shock absorption
  • Helps minimise potential back, knee and joint problems
  • Draws sweat away from the foot
  • Dries quickly

uvex 1 and 2 multiple fit system insole
Narrow fitting
Sizes 3 to 15

uvex 1 and 2 multiple fit system insole
Standard fitting
Sizes 3 to 15

uvex 1 and 2 multiple fit system insole
Wide fitting
Sizes 3 to 15

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