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Heckel was founded in 1870 in La Walck, France, and initially manufactured football boots, motorcycle boots and ski boots, eventually specialising in safety shoes. Heckel has belonged to the uvex safety group since 2001 and continues to be managed by it as an independent brand.

Heckel's special strength lies in the processing of rubber for ground-breaking sole technologies using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Safety shoes from Heckel prove themselves in the real world; at steel works, on ships and in the mountains, on large construction sites, in trade and in logistics. They are non-slip, withstand extreme conditions and have a strong focus on style. Depending on the requirements, Heckel safety shoes protect the feet against injuries and chemicals, but also against heat, cold and wet.


The sole makes the shoe: MACSOLE® rubber technology

Rubber is prized in many fields for its exceptional properties : grip, durability, elasticity, resistance to abrasion, and resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh substances. Building on over 20 years' of experience, Heckel has developed revolutionary new types of rubber under the MACSOLE® brand. MACSOLE® soles, made from an exclusive mixture of nitrile rubbers developed by Heckel's R&D department, offer unequalled performance in terms of adherence, safety and longevity in the most extreme conditions.

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The MACSOLE® rubber soles are extremely versatile. They are suitable for those working in construction and public works, energy and the environment, transport, chemicals, industry, or even green spaces.


Our exclusive uvex Heckel MACSOLE® rubber formula offers unrivalled grip, far exceeding the requirements of EN 13287.


The unique and exclusive rubber material used to make each MACSOLE® model provides very high shock absorption properties.


Building on many years of experience, we have develop revolutionary new types of rubber soles under the MACSOLE® brand.

Advantages of the MACSOLE® rubber soles


MACSOLE® soles are made of unique, exclusive compounds offering exceptional abrasion resistance, and helping to prolong the service life of our products. Our rubber sole technology allows us to establish ourselves as a true benchmark in safety footwear for extreme conditions.


The exceptional strength of rubber at extreme temperatures ensures unparalleled thermal insulation against heat and cold. Only rubber resists to contact heat up to 300°C and allows footwear to meet the HRO standard.

  • Heat-insulating (HI label, tested at +150 °C)
  • Cold-insulating (CI label, tested at -20 °C)

Our exclusive MACSOLE® rubber formula offers unrivalled grip, far exceeding the requirements of EN 13287.


The natural elasticity of rubber ensures long-lasting shock absorption. MACSOLE® footwear helps to reduce the risk of accidents by reducing fatigue caused by prolonged walking or standing.


Improved hydrocarbons and chemical resistance compared to PU soles.


Unlike PU soles, rubber soles are inert to hydrolysis and are therefore easier to store. PU soles are made up of long chains that can be broken by moisture, so storing safety footwear with PU soles in sheds or garages (that are often subject to high humidity) accelerates the aging of the shoes. Conversely, safety footwear with rubber soles are suitable for areas with high humidity.


It's not uncommon to hear workers complain about discomfort in safety shoes. This can be due to various reasons, including shoe size, shape, or sole. In general, this problem can be greatly reduced by opting for a range of comfortable safety shoes designed for sensitive feet. When users walk all day or stand for extended periods, cushioning plays a crucial role in comfort.

MACABSORB Technology: Guarantees 85% greater energy absorption than the standard requirements thanks to EVA foam inserts placed at the forefoot and heel, significantly improving wearing comfort and reducing fatigue in the feet.

The Heckel range


The MACSOLE X range is ideal for those working in demanding environments with exposure to bad weather, extreme cold or uneven terrain. MACSOLE® products are designed to withstand the rigours of tough environments through the use of: GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable membrane to keep feet dry from external elements; GORE-TEX new generation thermal insulation technology for maximum heat retention; and MACOLE® X rubber sole delivers excellent grip. Explore the range


The SUXXEED OFFROAD range has been developed to withstand the demands of those working in rugged outdoor environments such as the building trades. The outdoor design, all-terrain sole and injection moulded polyurethane scuff cap are designed specifically for the demands of those working in more challenging workplaces. Learn more

Heckel RUN-R safety shoes

The RUN-R range takes its inspiration from the world of road and trail running both for its design and in the technologies and performances it offers. Ultra flexible, excellent slip resistance (SRC), microfibre uppers, quick lace system, metal-free toe caps, extremely low weight and premium hygienic insoles. This range is designed for crafts or tradesmen, warehousing and logistics, public service and light industry workers. Explore the range


The antimagnetic MACSOLE® ADVENTURE 3.0 range is dedicated to demanding work environments - experience durability and excellent levels of grip thanks to our exclusive MACSOLE® sole, rubber scuff cap and Agile Ankle Guard support system make it an extremely versatile range. Equipped with new MACABSORB technology the MACCROSSROAD 3.0 offers 85% more shock absorption than specified by the EN ISO 20345 standard, for reliable comfort on all surfaces. Learn more

Heckel MACSOLE® 1.0

Designed for the construction industry, work in humid environments or on hot ground, steel making or engineering shops, this range is exceptionally comfortable and capable of withstanding the harshest conditions, due to the MACSOLE 1.0 sole technology. The combination of PU (shock absorption, low weight) and rubber (durable, versatile, slip resistance) provides excellent weather resistance as well as providing sturdiness. Explore the range


The SUXXEED® range is characterised by very good shock absorption and exceptional grip whatever the weather, whatever the surface. Very versatile and totally anti-magnetic, the products in the SUXXEED® range are aimed at the craft industry, logistics, collective services, maintenance and industrial cleaning. Explore the range

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