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PPE is a must for those working in the automotive industry but how do you ensure you’re getting the right protection? uvex design and manufacture personal protective products to suit the many job roles across the automotive manufacturing sector. Whether you work for one of the mainstream producers, a sports, commercial or public transport manufacturer, an automotive supply chain components company or you are just starting out on an engineering apprenticeship, uvex has a range of product solutions to mitigate workplace risk, ensuring all day safety and comfort.

With protecting people at its core, uvex PPE incorporates numerous technologies to enhance safety, functionality and wearer comfort. By doing so, our products not only keep workplace hazards to a minimum, we can help prevent long-term health risks, enhance employee wellbeing which in turn has a positive effect on performance and productivity.

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As a European manufacturer we understand that many companies in the automotive sector are committed to the target of zero emissions across the entire supply chain. As a producer with high in-house production we consider the environmental impact of all of our processes and place high value on the responsible use of resources, people and protection techniques to ensure minimal environmental impact.

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As Europe’s largest glove manufacturer, uvex understands that our hands are just as important to protect as any other part of the body. Our hands which allow us to feel, grip and hold even the smallest of objects, have 27 bones and 17,000 receptors. We use them all day, every day at work and at home, making them deserving of the best possible protection. The uvex range of safety gloves is subject to the most stringent control measures ensuring first-class quality. Together with our North American partner HexArmor®, an exclusive licensee of SuperFabric® brand material, we are able to offer a glove solution for almost all workplace hazards. Discover our range best suited to the automotive industry below:

uvex u-fit disposable protection glove

Single use glove with fantastic dexterity, can be used when handling oily parts, in the paint shop or conducting inspection work.

Hexarmor Helix® 2076

A glove that offers the highest level cut protection (Level F) whilst delivering unbelievable dexterity. Designed for high risk applications that you may have on site, this glove offers 360° degree cut protection, superior grip and abrasion resistance.

Download our interactive glove matrix to help choose the right glove solution for your area of application.

Being on your feet all day, which many job roles require within production facilities, has an impact on the entire body. Standing for prolonged periods on hard concrete floors can exacerbate musculoskeletal disorders or conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe or those with diabetic sores leading to early onset fatigue, a reduction in concentration or time off work. Often anti-fatigue matting is only placed around work stations but employees rarely stay in one spot throughout the day. uvex has developed various footwear options, all designed to help combat fatigue, making it easy to find the right style for your environment. Take a look at our case studies to see how uvex footwear has improved safety and wellbeing for our customers.

Safety glasses, overspecs and full-vision safety goggles

Whether you need safety glasses, goggles, over specs or prescription glasses, uvex develops and produces innovative safety eyewear in its plant in Bavaria, Germany which meets the highest quality standards through stringent testing in its own test centre. Every uvex product must fulfil the exacting uvex standards that measure functionality, ergonomics, durability and wearer comfort.

Many workplaces are now fitted with LED lights, however, the bright harsh light can have a detrimental effect on employees, increasing strain on the eyes and surrounding muscles, causing them to fatigue quicker. Properly tinted safety eyewear, even indoors, can have a dramatic effect on the wearer’s vision, comfort and energy levels as well as concentration and productivity.

Sealed / gasket safety eyewear

Sealed safety eyewear, also called closed eyewear or gasket eyewear, provides a more universal fit and diverse application range. The foam inserts are a great option for workers and safety managers who want to maintain high levels of PPE compliance and compatibility while adequately protecting against dirt, debris, and splashes to the eyes.

Permanent lens coatings

uvex is the world leader in lens coating technology, delivering coatings that are permanently bonded to the lens and so do not wash or wear off, even after extended wear or repeated cleaning. With a range of coatings available, uvex is able to offer the right solution for your workplace. Find out more

uvex UV400

uvex which stands for UltraViolet EXclusion is unique to the rest of the safety eyewear market in that it offers UV400 as standard across its entire range. Although the EN166/170 standard stipulates all safety eyewear should provide UV protection up to 380 nm, the WHO recommend UV protection up to 400nm.

Effective hearing protection

Made within its own CO2 neutral facility in Höör, southern Sweden, uvex produces 30 million plugs per year using energy from renewable sources. It’s modern manufacturing, unique approach to energy sources involves minimal water consumption with no hazardous waste by-products. Together with its short transport routes to the rest of Europe, the products help reduce environmental pollution. Its innovative approach doesn’t stop there. uvex brings to the market truly inspired products to ensure anyone can find the right hearing protection solution for their workplace environment.

uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs

These innovative earplugs feature a unique oval design making them comfortable to wear even during periods of extended use. The pre-formed pins make it easier to insert and remove the earplugs. The uvex xact-fit reusable is available in two sizes.

uvex x-fit disposable earplugs

The ergonomically pre-shaped uvex x-fit disposable earplugs provide very strong insulation and are suitable for use in extremely loud environments. The soft foam of the earplugs provides a high level of comfort, even when worn for extended periods.

uvex hi-com disposable earplugs

The innovative shape of the uvex hi-com earplugs reduces the level of sound that normally builds up in the inner ear when wearing hearing protection. Provide softer acoustics and absorb disruptive noises and allow excellent speech perception.

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