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uvex rubiflex S – a true all-rounder. Reliable hand protection against mechanical and chemical risks: the uvex rubiflex S chemical protection glove series is tailored to the various safety requirements in automotive and general industry as well as the farming and agricultural industry and features an impressive, unique combination of comfort, safety and sustainability with its first-class "Made in Germany" quality.

The uvex rubiflex S series offers a unique combination of comfort, safety and sustainability.


Every single model in the uvex rubiflex range stands for ergonomic fit and excellent wearer comfort thanks to the high level of moisture absorption offered by the cotton lining, which helps to prevent moisture build-up inside the glove.


The uvex rubiflex S XG with innovative Xtra Grip coating ensures excellent grip and provides effective protection when working with greases, mineral oils and a wide range of chemicals, without compromising the glove's flexibility or tactility.


uvex rubiflex safety gloves are Made in Germany at the uvex site in Lüneburg, where our safety glove production has been 100% solvent-free for over ten years and since 2016, it has been almost entirely powered by CO²-neutral energy sources.

uvex rubiflex gloves are highly versatile

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Ergonomic fit

Consider your hands in a completely relaxed state. You will notice that your fingers are tilted toward the palm and slightly curved inward. Your thumb, on the other hand, will spread in a completely different direction, away from your index finger, and it will more or less be in a loose 'C' shape, known as the 'opposition position'.

During the development of the uvex rubiflex S, great importance was placed on ensuring that the protective gloves are adapted to this 'resting shape' that is typical of the hand, so that the wearer is not forced to fight against the uncomfortable stiffness of a "board-like" flat protective glove. Wearing stiff, poorly shaped gloves can lead to early onset fatigue, which over the long-term leads to reduced concentration and increases the likelihood of an accident or near miss.

The snug fit of the uvex rubiflex S is critical to ensure protection, hand mobility and comfortable gripping dexterity.

Ergonomic fit

Areas of application

The uvex rubiflex S chemical protection gloves enable precise work thanks to the flexible material, enabling a high level of tactile sensation. The ergonomic shape provides a reliable fit, while the highly absorbent cotton lining keeps skin dry and comfortable. The perfect fit and tactile sensation is deal for precise work, making these gloves suitable for a wide range of applications.

Industrial applications Agriculture Home and garden
Maintenance and service tasks Production Painting work
  • Working on pipelines
  • Repair work subjected to contact heat reaching up to 100°C
  • Handling lubricants, greases and oils
  • Transporting or transferring liquids or solids between containers or tanks
  • Cleaning tasks (wet and oily)
  • Filling, sampling, working on valves
  • Manual refilling of chemical containers
  • Food processing
  • Metalworking
  • Printing industry
  • Painting or inspecting painted surfaces
  • Application of spray mixtures (crop protection products)
  • Application of crop protection products
  • Cleaning and disinfecting animal enclosures
  • Indoor cleaning tasks (spring cleaning)
  • Outdoor cleaning tasks (cleaning barbecues, cleaning ponds)
  • Renovation work (handling adhesives, solvents for paints, resins, oils)
  • Handling and cleaning tools
Safety gloves for protection against mechanical and chemical risks in the farming and agricultural industry


People must protect themselves against a wide variety of different substances that they come into contact with in the agricultural sector, including oils, greases, alkalis, solvents and crop protection products. The uvex rubiflex S features high abrasion resistance and offers effective protection when handling chemicals, using crop protection products, handling chemicals, paints and varnishes, or cleaning (e.g. cleaning and disinfecting livestock buildings).

Chemical protection gloves for the automotive industry


Chemicals, lubricants and varnishes are used widely in the production of vehicles. The uvex rubiflex S provides reliable protection when coming into contact with chemical substances in the automotive industry, as well as a high level of abrasion resistance. The uvex rubiflex is also free of substances that interfere with wetting agents and is therefore certified in accordance with VDMA 24364 [A1/A2-L/W], making it ideal for use in painting work.

Chemical protection gloves for industry and work with machinery


When carrying out industrial work and operating machinery, workers often come into contact with rough surfaces and hazardous liquid substances such as oil, grease and chemicals, so reliable hand protection is essential. The uvex rubiflex S gloves protect industrial workers from chemical and mechanical risks while also providing maximum wearer comfort, and the high abrasion resistance offers effective protection when handling chemicals.

Change your safety gloves regularly

It is vital to change your safety gloves before hazardous substances are able to penetrate the glove membrane. This penetration by hazardous substances at a molecular level is called permeation. For example, the maximum permeation time after contact with chemicals is >480 minutes. More information about handling hazardous substances safely can be found in the relevant safety data sheets.

uvex rubiflex s chemical protection gloves

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