Choosing the right sized hearing protection

Everyone’s ear canal is unique — much like a fingerprint. Which is why it’s all the more important that you choose adequate and suitable hearing protection that is the correct size to achieve a good fit. uvex offers a complete range of hearing protection to ensure all wearers are able to achieve a fit that’s right for them.

Choosing the wrong size can severely reduce the protection value, exposing wearers to harmful noise, and makes the earplugs uncomfortable to wear.

If the earplugs are too large, they are unlikely to sit deep enough in the ear canal, so the specified protection level cannot be achieved. They’ll also feel uncomfortable.

If the earplugs are too small, although they may be comfortable to wear, there could be noise leakage and reduced protection capacity which over time can cause noise-induced hearing loss.

Round earplugs don’t necessarily completely seal an oval-shaped ear canal. It is on this premise that we developed the uvex xact-fit range of hearing protectors.

It is best to try different sizes to find the one that gives you the best protection and fit. With the uvex com4-fit and uvex x-fit, we offer something for the majority of ear canal shapes.

uvex earplugs come in different sizes
Earplugs should not be too large
A unique design, even inside the earplugs

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How to clean reusable earplugs

In dirty working environments, particles can easily stick to the surface of materials and transfer to your body so it is important to keep your reusable hearing protection clean and safe.

Easy to clean with uvex damp cleaning cloth

Easy to clean with uvex damp cleaning cloth.

Clean them with water and mild soap

Alternatively, clean them with water and mild soap.

Store in hygiene box when not in use

Store them in the uvex hygiene box when not in use.

How to fit disposable earplugs

Wearing earplugs does not guarantee protection unless they are fitted properly. An accurate fit is more important than wearing them in the first place. Follow our handy tips to get the best protection from your earplugs:

How to fit uvex disposable earplugs - step 1

Roll down uvex ­disposable hearing ­protection plugs.

How to fit uvex disposable earplugs - step 2

Put your arm over your head and move the ear slightly upwards to straighten your auditory canal. This achieves a­ ­better fit.

How to fit uvex disposable earplugs - step 3

Insert plugs and hold in place while they expand. If they are not visible from the front, then they are in the right position.

uvex hearing protection range

Anyone can get used to wearing hearing protection; you just need to choose the right type of protection for you

There are many types of uvex hearing protection which are suitable for different situations and if you work in or are passing through high noise level areas you need the right level of protection. It is important to strike the right balance between the need to adequately protect your hearing from dangerous noise while not compromising your ability to hear and communicate.

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