uvex i-range planet - protecting people and the planet

The uvex i-range planet is the sustainable expansion to our new 3-in-1 safety eyewear range with the right products for virtually any workplace hazard or environment.

The uvex i-range planet sets new standards in terms of sustainability. With a focus on environmentally friendly and resource-saving manufacturing, we have used recycled and bio-based materials to produce this range, without affecting the reliable safety properties uvex are known for (e.g. mechanical strength, UV protection, design and comfort). The lens and side arms of the uvex i-guard planet are made from 39% bio-based materials, and we use renewable raw materials obtained from the castor oil plant as the basis for this product. In addition, energy recovered from biomass is used in the manufacturing process and the soft face seal consists of more than 35% recycled granulate sourced from production waste.

The uvex i-range planet can be used for various applications and contributes effectively to environmental protection — following our motto protecting planet.

uvex i-range planet

The uvex i-range planet at a glance

uvex i-lite planet

uvex i-lite planet

Impressive modern design with flat lens geometry.
Article number: 9143295

uvex i-guard planet

uvex i-guard planet

Additional protection against liquids, particles and dirt thanks to the highly flexible frame that adapts to any facial shape, without pressure (marking 3 and 4 in accordance with EN 166).
Article number: 9143296

uvex i-guard+ planet

uvex i-guard+ planet

Goggles with headband that go above and beyond the minimum requirements and boast increased mechanical strength.
Article number: 9143297

protecting planet

To help raise awareness of its commitment to achieving increased sustainability, uvex has developed the protecting planet icon.
For uvex, protecting planet is more than a label. Based on our brand claim, protecting people, our sustainable approach integrates three core pillars — ecology, economy and social responsibility. These are incorporated throughout the business to improve our sustainability performance. This is why uvex undertakes comprehensive audits, measurements and evaluation management processes along the entire value creation chain to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible.

Recycled materials
uvex protecting planet label

The side arms of the uvex i-lite planet and uvex i-guard planet are made of 39 percent bio-based material. We use renewable raw material from the castor oil plant and energy from biomass sources to produce the eyewear. The soft face seal of the guard version is made up of more than 35 percent recycled granulate from leftover production material.

Reducing waste
uvex protecting planet label

The paper required for the enclosed instruction manuals has been reduced by 30 percent. Increasing the packaging unit from 5 to 10 safety spectacles resulted in an additional reduction in the amount of cardboard required and also produces significantly less waste.

Environmentally friendly packaging
uvex protecting planet label

The films of the polyester bags used consist of up to 70 percent recycled material, which is obtained from production waste. All cardboard cartons are made of over 90 percent recycled paper.

Castor oil

Side arms made from castor oil

Recycled PET bottles

Headband hooks and couplings made from recycled PET bottles

Granulate from production waste

Face seal made from granulate from leftover production waste

Recycled yarn

Headband made from recycled yarn

Made in Germany

uvex i-range planet range