Selecting the right hand protection: thermal risks

Many industries involve processes where the employee is exposed to thermal risks, such as manufacturing, catering, or foundries. It is not always possible to remove these hazards so employees will require safety gloves that offer adequate protection to help prevent injuries.

That's why the European standard DIN EN 407 regulates the minimum requirements and specific test methods for safety gloves in relation to thermal risks. Safety gloves certified in accordance with this standard protect the wearer from, for example, contact heat, radiant heat and small splashes from molten metal. EN 407 is made up of six unique glove tests, each graded on a scale of 0 to 4, where the higher the EN 407 score the better.

It's worth remembering, not every job requires gloves with the highest level of thermal protection, so when working with extreme heat, flames, or molten materials, it’s good to know how different gloves stack up. The EN 407 standard is there so you can be confident in your glove selection - as when the heat is on, not all gloves are created equal.

DIN EN 407
Resistance to flammability

Contact heat resistance

Convective heat resistance Radiant heat resistance Resistance to small drops of molten metal Resistance to large quantities of molten metal
Assesses how long the glove material glows or burns after being exposed to a flame. This tests how fast heat is transferred during conduction. Resembles the Resistance to Flammability test; however, the flame is more aggressive and different surfaces of the glove are tested. Tests the back of the glove to ensure materials can resist extreme heat radiating through the glove's various materials. Assesses hand protection when working with small amounts of molten metal, e.g. welding. PVC foil is used to simulate how skin would be affected inside the glove.

Important changes to EN 407 standard
In the latest version of DIN EN 407, as of 2020, the first performance class is no longer named “resistance to flammability”, but is now called “limited flame spread”. If the glove has not been tested for this, a new pictogram is used (see above right). However, there are no changes to the performance classes. The test described in DIN EN 407 assigns safety gloves a performance class in relation to each of the individual thermal hazards. It is important that the glove does not come into contact with open flames if it does not meet the criteria of performance class 3 in the limited flame spread test.

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EN 407 rated gloves

  Burning behaviour Contact heat Convective heat Radiant heat Small splashes of molten metal Large splashes of molten metal EN388
uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg   1         4X41D
uvex C500 wet   1         4X42C
uvex C500 wet plus   1         4X42C
uvex C500 foam   1         4X42C
uvex profi ergo ENB20A   1         2121X
uvex profi XG 20   1         3121X
uvex rubiflex XG 27B   1         3121X
uvex unilite 7710F   1         4121X
uvex u-chem 3500   1         3121X
uvex arc protect g1 4 1 1 1     1X21X
HexArmor Chrome SLT 4061 4 2 2 1 4 1 4X41D
HexArmor Chrome SLT 4062 4 2 2 1 4 1 2X23E
HexArmor Rig Lizard 2021X   2         4X43CP
HexArmor Rig Lizard 2025X   2         4X44FP
HexArmor Helix 2082 4 2 3 1 2   3X43D

uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg

Tactical feel and cut protection perfectly combined
The patented Bamboo TwinFlex® technology combines the best of both worlds in one cut protection glove (Cut Level D). Natural bamboo fibres adapt to your individual handshape in 3-5 minutes, while our high-performance fibres provide reliable high-level protection against abrasions and cuts.

uvex C500 Series

Cut and heat protection combined
The uvex C500 series sets standards regarding protection, comfort, flexibility, tactility and economy. These high-tech safety gloves combines all of these qualities with high cut protection, level 5/C. The uvex C500 foam is especially suitable for dry or slightly damp working conditions.

uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg
uvex C500 Series

uvex u-chem 3500 chemical protection glove

Special protection

Excellent grip on warm and wet workpieces
The uvex u-chem 3500 chemical protection gloves are ideal for handling a variety of different chemicals. Thanks to their full-surface chloroprene and NBR coating, the gloves offer excellent grip and are resistant to acetone, cleaning agents, adhesives and solvents.
Protection against the thermal discharge of a short circuit electric arc
Hands are at the greatest risk of burns from short circuit electric arcs when working on electrical equipment. The uvex arc protect g1 protective glove provides safe protection against the thermal discharge of a short circuit electric arc. The modacrylic/cotton knit is flame retardant and protects the wearer from second-degree skin burns.

Impact protection and grip gloves

Impact protection and grip

A grip for every job
The Rig Lizard® Series is purpose-built to provide maximum grip in tough situations – with over five grip options for water, oils, muds, and lubricants. Each glove is also equipped with our highly flexible IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™, keeping hands protected from smash and pinch injuries.

This combination of multiple technologies and features makes the Rig Lizard® the ideal solution for common oil, gas, and mining hazards. With options for cold weather protection, your hands can stay safe and comfortable in any environment.

Comfort + Cut Protection. Redefined.

Arc Flash & contact heat rated safety gloves
The HexArmor Chrome SLT® features an extended safety cuff and a goatskin leather palm to give workers the traditional style of comfort they love while providing cut and Arc Flash protection - all while being designed with unsurpassed comfort, dexterity, and protection.

The Helix® Series 2082 gloves by HexArmor® feature a 13-gauge flame-resistant aramid and wool blend shell that offers cut protection and an Arc Flash level 2 rating. A flexible, FR-compliant neoprene/nitrile blend palm coating provides superior grip and abrasion resistance.

HexArmor Helix Series

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