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Demystifying the new safety footwear standard: A simple guide to EN ISO 20345:2022

Getting to grips with safety standards can be challenging. Even for experienced industry professionals, navigating the wide array of specifications and requirements can rapidly become overwhelming. The change in the EN standard for safety footwear now threatens to create further confusion for health & safety managers. This guide is designed to demystify the new standard, providing a straightforward overview of everything you need to know about EN ISO 20345:2022.

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Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses

With 1 in 4 people requiring prescription eyewear, choosing the right provider for your safety prescription glasses is key. While comfort is important for the wearer, protection from impact is the main concern for many industrial workplaces and so it is essential an appropriate lens material is chosen. The choice of safety glasses should ensure all colleagues are receiving the same level of protection, prescription lenses or not.

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The importance of correctly fitting safety footwear

Foot problems are common in workers that are required to wear safety footwear and are often exacerbated by poorly fitted safety footwear. Correctly fitting safety footwear can help improve foot health, safety, and productivity of workers. Download our white paper written by Dr Caleb Wegener PhD (Biomechanics) B App Sc (Pod) Hons, to learn more about the implications of poorly fitted safety footwear.

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The impacts of lower-limb fatigue on productivity, worker health and footwear implications.

Workplace fatigue is not just the result of sleep deprivation. Download our white paper written by Dr Caleb Wegener PhD (Biomechanics) B App Sc (Pod) Hons, to learn more about the causes of lower limb fatigue, the impact it has on employee's wellbeing and how you can reduce it in your workplace.

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Understanding blue light and the need for protection in the workplace

The modern workplace has evolved. Whether you’re in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, or even working under lamps outdoors, artificial LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are replacing those old, dull lighting systems, saving companies millions of pounds in energy costs. But there is a new cost on the line: workers’ eye health.

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Understanding the ISEA 138 Impact Protection Standard

Back-of-hand bones and soft tissues are extremely vulnerable to impact-related hand injuries among a wide range of jobsites. Matching the proper glove to the work task is imperative in mitigating impact-related issues and injuries – and having a proper standard in place is paramount to help with this process.

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