Protecting people working in energy and utilities

uvex provide a head to toe range of PPE solutions that are ideal for those who work across various utilities sectors, including telecoms, oil & gas, water and energy.


Those working to produce, install and maintain the equipment needed to process our energy resources often face a number of work hazards. Workforces need to be safeguarded from a diverse range of on-site safety hazards, some of which could pose a risk of death or serious injury.

uvex PPE solutions for the power industry

Oil and gas

With a range of PPE solutions delivering reliable protection for working at height, safeguarding against slips, trips and falls, providing secure grip and impact protection and long-lasting anti-fog safety eyewear, you can trust uvex to help you get a grip on safety in the oil and gas industry.

PPE for those working in oil and gas


The role of a telecoms engineer is particularly wide-ranging and consequently comes with a range of hazards. Responsibilities range from overhead work, to groundwork, welding, domestic and industrial repair work to working in enclosed spaces, those in the telecoms industry need PPE they can rely on.

PPE for telecoms employees

Renewable energy

Health and safety is an important part of any business, but particularly so in the offshore sector, which is classed as a major hazards industry. Often, workers must also work in difficult conditions such as confined spaces and contaminated environments – both of which could prove life threatening if proper training and equipment is not provided.

PPE solutions for the renewable energy sector

Water and sewage services

Working on water or sewage channels requires manual visual inspection, fixing faults, maintenance, and cleaning. Employees could encounter a range of hazards that require specific personal protective equipment. Our experts are available to recommend the most appropriate and cost-efficient solution PPE to protect your workforce against such hazards.

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We provide nationwide coverage to help you in both product selection and safety strategy implementation, ensuring maximum benefits in terms of protection. For information and guidance on where to purchase uvex products simply contact our PPE solution specialists who will be happy to recommend the most suitable PPE.

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