Looking after your uvex PPE

Your uvex PPE has been designed to take care of you, but to make sure it continues to perform at its best, you need to take care of your PPE. Follow our advice for getting the most out of your personal protective equipment.

How to clean and store head protection

It's essential to look after your head protection and check it's still suitable to perform

Cleaning and storing head protection

Getting the most out your eye protection

Safety eyewear should be cleaned with extra care in order to prevent any damage to the lenses.

Looking after your uvex eyewear

Getting the most out your footwear

Prolong the life of your uvex safety shoes and boot with these steps

Looking after your uvex footwear

Choosing the right sized hearing protection

Make sure you choose the right size of hearing protection for your ear canal and work environment

Learn more about earplug sizing

Getting the most out your safety gloves

Take care of your safety gloves and they will continue to take care of your hands.

Looking after your uvex gloves

Check your prescription eyewear

Ensure your prescription safety glasses will perform should the unthinkable happen by checking the markings on your glasses

Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses