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If you are a skilled tradesperson, you'll know what quality really means. It doesn't mean using the cheapest product - as you'll likely need to use more of it - nor does it mean using the most expensive product - as a high price doesn't always deliver excellence. It is advisable not to make your purchasing decisions based purely on price, as this neglects to take into account the cost in use.

  • What is the real cost of a product if you only use it once and then throw it away?
  • And what is the real cost if you use it every day for 10 years?

When buying your PPE, it is really important to ask yourself these questions to ensure you are getting the best value from your outlay - something that is particularly important if you are running your own business or working with restricted budgets. Trust uvex products to protect both your safety and your bottom line.

With protecting people at its core, uvex PPE incorporates numerous technologies to enhance safety, functionality and wearer comfort. By doing so, our products not only keep workplace hazards to a minimum, we can help prevent long-term health risks, enhance employee wellbeing which in turn has a positive effect on performance and productivity.

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Lightweight and breathable safety footwear

The best safety footwear should be supple, allowing freedom of movement without discomfort when walking or kneeling and comfortable enough to wear all day. Designed with safety in mind, protective footwear from uvex features slip-resistant soles, anti-twist protection, breathable upper and lining materials, all with comfort at the forefront of the designs.

General purpose safety gloves

We use our hands all day, every day; at work and at home, making them deserving of the best possible protection. The uvex range of safety gloves is subject to the most stringent control measures ensuring first-class quality and a glove solution for many workplace hazards. Maintaining outdoor equipment puts workers at risk from extreme temperature and weather conditions, and can lead to distractions. Properly fitting safety gloves will reduce strain on the hands, increase dexterity and allow workers to focus on the task without compromising their safety.

uvex unidur 6613 3-finger precision glove

The uvex unidur 3-finger precision gloves enable the wearer to complete intricate tasks whilst at the same time delivering cut level 3 protection (this rating does not apply where the 3 fingers are open). The flexible liner gives excellent comfort, dexterity and fit by stretching with the shape of the hand. These gloves are ideal for working in dry or light moisture environments and give high levels of durability; a longer lasting solution for challenging work.

  • High abrasion and tear resistance
  • Seamless flexible liner easily stretches with the hand
  • Lightweight PU coating provides increased sensitivity and grip

Anti-fog safety eyewear for reliable protection and comfort

Whether you need safety glasses, goggles, over specs or prescription glasses, uvex have developed a range of safety eyewear solutions which meet the highest quality standards. Our close fitting specs are ideal for working in confined spaces, as well as our wraparound and frameless options. All uvex eyewear delivers edge to edge crystal clear clarity with 100% UV protection.

uvex super OTG – the overspec for excellent comfort

These ultra-lightweight overspecs feature a unique design that allows the glasses to gently grip the side of your head rather than sitting on top of your glasses arms. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear and allows for unrestricted peripheral vision.

  • Highly flexible soft arm ends for added comfort
  • Fits over most prescription lenses
  • Anti-fog inside, extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant on the outside (uvex supravision excellence)

Easy-to-use hearing protection

Protecting your hearing is essential when working with power tools, where noise levels can be in the 100 dB range, but clear communication is also vital. If you don't need to wear hearing protection all the time, corded options allow you to hang the earplugs around your neck until required. Remember, noise-induced hearing loss is the most common, permanent & irreversible injury in the world, make sure you are properly protected.

Head protection for working at height and mechanical impacts

Industrial safety helmets from uvex comply with standard DIN EN 397, which states that they must be designed to protect the wearer from falling objects. Protection against mechanical impacts to the head safeguards the user against possible consequences such as brain injuries or skull fractures. The standard also includes protection against lateral deformation of the helmet, as well as protecting the wearer from dangerous head injuries. uvex safety helmets are available in a variety of colours.

High performance filtering face masks with low breathing resistance technology

The uvex silv-Air range of respiratory protection includes highly effective face masks in protective classes FFP2 and FFP3 that are extremely comfortable to wear. Protect yourself against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and fumes– even during longer periods of use. At uvex, we not only make sure that all our products meet the requirements of the necessary safety class, but we also pay particular attention to making sure that they fit exceptionally well.

Safety glasses with prescription lenses

uvex is able to provide a choice of metal, plastic and wraparound frame styles in single vision, bi-focal or varifocal for safety or office use. Scratch-resistant lens coatings are supplied as standard and frames from uvex come with a two year guarantee for accidental damage and wear and tear. We are able to offer a prescription service to suit your needs whether you are a large or small organisation, in one or multiple locations.

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