Detectable hearing protection for comfort and safety

Protecting your reputation and your customers

For food processors, the top priority is ensuring consumer safety. The last thing you want is for a stray earplug to contaminate your product, putting a customer at risk and potentially damaging your brand reputation.

With loud machinery running 24/7, wearing hearing protection when working in the food industry is paramount to safeguarding your hearing. uvex have a range of detectable hearing protection that is not only visually striking to stand out amongst products, but also feature integrated metal parts to allow the earplugs to show up in X-ray scans.

Metal detectable earplugs: the safe choice

Metal detectable earplugs are the ideal solution for hearing protection in food processing environments. Most facilities utilise metal detection equipment to scan outgoing products for any metal contaminants. These machines are highly sensitive and can easily detect a metal-infused earplug that's accidentally ended up in the food stream.

By choosing metal detectable earplugs, you're implementing a simple yet effective safeguard to prevent foreign objects from entering your food production line, protecting both your customers and your brand.

Detectable hearing protection for comfort and safety

uvex detectable range
Coloured blue for easy detection

Coloured blue with integrated metal elements makes both earplugs and cord visually detectable

Integrated metal elements

Metal powder in the cord allows full detection even if the cord is shredded by machinery

Convenient cord

Convenient cord allows the earplugs to be worn comfortably around the neck so they’re always to hand

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uvex x-fit detectable

  • Ergonomically shaped, detectable disposable earplug
  • Bright blue colour makes it easier to see in production areas
  • x-grip for easy insertion and removal
  • Best suited for use in very loud environments
  • Sealed surface, preventing foreign bodies from penetrating
  • Excellent voice recognition
  • Soft foam offers real comfort, even when worn for extended periods

uvex whisper detectable

  • Easy-to-clean detectable corded earplugs
  • Integrated metal parts and the blue colour ensure the earplugs can be detected in a production environment
  • No rolling required, so they can be used with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
  • Smooth, dirt-repellent surface can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water
  • Earplug box for hygienic storage when not in use
  • Cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice

uvex xact-fit detectable

  • Oval-shaped earplugs mimic the natural shape of the ear canal for a low pressure fit and enhanced comfort
  • Ergonomically shaped stems make fitting easy, hygienic, accurate and achieves a high level of wearer comfort
  • No rolling required, so they can be used with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
  • Thanks to an adjustable cord the earplugs can be worn comfortably around the neck so they’re always conveniently to hand
  • Sealed PU foam reduces the potential for contamination

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Remember to choose the correct level of attenuation so that you are not over-protected and unable to hear warning signals or safely comunicate with your colleagues. If you are unsure what level of protection you require, simply speak to one of our experts who will be happy to help.

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