uvex 2 safety footwear range

The uvex 2 range sets new standards in safety footwear. The durable, water-repellent soft leather upper is perfectly suited to outdoor applications along with the high grip PU soles, designed with a tread pattern that disperses surface debris to reduce slip risk.

The robust uvex 2 features a virtually seamless construction to help eliminate pressure points for excellent wearer comfort. The water-repellent soft leather upper lets the feet breathe and keeps them dry for longer when working outside. uvex climazone helps regulate the temperature inside of the shoe. The uvex 2 sole has been designed to support the natural rolling motion of the foot without restricting movement.

uvex 2 safety footwear

Superior performance across all disciplines

The innovative uvex 2 safety footwear range in protection class S3 is up for the challenge: delivering optimum shock absorption, ergonomic fit, low weight and excellent climate characteristics, ensuring maximum performance and redefining the limits for safety footwear.

Multi award winning design

The uvex 2 safety footwear range continues to set new standards for safety in line with the slogan "Winners at Work – Pushing the Limits" and has been recognised as such by a number of awards.

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uvex 2 PU/PU Sole - Optimum grip with every step

1. Effective ankle protection to ensure safety when working on ladders
2. Resistant to oil and petrol. Resistant to temperatures for short periods up to +120 °C
3. Free from harmful substances that interfere with wetting agents
4. Abrasion-resistant TPU sections for secure foot placement to help prevent accidents
5. Rugged, self-cleaning sole ensures maximum grip for demanding applications, uneven or dirty floors (SRC labelling)
6. Meets ESD requirements: bleed resistance < 35 megaohm

uvex 2 sole features

Design features

uvex 2 shoes are ultra lightweight

Ultra lightweight

Enjoy unlimited freedom of movement, especially when kneeling, thanks to the flexible and penetration resistant metal-free midsole. The uvex 2 range is one of the lightest safety footwear ranges perfectly suited for robust applications in its field.

uvex 2 is highly flexible

Perfect foot climate

uvex climazone combines optimum ventilation with moisture wicking properties. Designed to help maintain a constant and comfortable temperature inside your shoe, the uvex 2 features a distance-mesh lining, breathable upper materials and a removable comfort insole.

uvex 2 have PU scuffcaps

Robust and flexible

The directly moulded PU scuffcap reliably protects the upper and prevents wear and tear when kneeling. The externally visible heel basket system integrated into the sole ensures sure-footedness and additional ankle protection without impairing comfort.

uvex 2 provide stability and support

Shock absorption system

The first class multilayer shock absorption system has been specifically developed for use in demanding conditions, providing effective protection for the back and joints. With up to 40 joules of energy absorption in the heel area, the uvex 2 reduces strain on the body.


  • Extremely lightweight and flexible puncture resistant sole
  • Metal-free uvex xenova® toe cap: compact design, good side stability, no thermal conductivity and antimagnetic properties
  • Penetration-resistant, non-metallic midsole does not restrict flexibility
  • uvex climazone technology helps regulate shoe temperature for comfort
  • Breathable, water-resistant leather upper material
  • Distance mesh liner provides excellent breathability
  • Virtually seamless design eliminates pressure points
  • Removable insole increases shock absorption, reduces fatigue and potential musculoskeletal ailments
  • Durable, dual density PUR sole with self-cleaning tread for increased slip resistance
  • Scuff cap helps protect leather for increased product life
  • Fulfils ESD requirements: resistance to ground < 35 megaohm
  • PU sole withstands brief exposure to heat up to 120° C
uvex 2 safety footwear specifications
uvex female last for safety footwear

Safety footwear designed for the female foot

Women have a lighter bone weight, with softer and more flexible joints. These physiological differences translate to differences in footwear design, particularly with safety shoes. Simply reducing the male product size for females is not sufficient, therefore, the uvex 1 ladies footwear has been designed using a special last.

All uvex 1 models are available in a female fitting, where these models have been manufactured specifically for the shape and contours of the female foot, delivering the perfect fit.

uvex 1 safety footwear has been designed specifically to combat fatigue and offer long-term comfort to the wearer. A lower weight reduces the strain on the body and also reduces risk of injury.

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