uvex 1 G2 - the next generation of the successful uvex 1 series

The new uvex 1 G2 safety shoes features three innovative technologies - uvex i-PUREnrj, uvex x-tended grip and uvex x-dry knit

Part of the uvex i-gonomics product design concept, the uvex 1 G2 creates the perfect synergy between ergonomic fit, lightweight design, ideal climate characteristics and of course high levels of protection, making these safety shoes extremely comfortable to wear, for maximum performance.

Watch the uvex 1 G2 video

Watch the uvex 1 G2 video

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Science. Not Fiction. uvex i-PUREnrj Technology

More stability. Reduced risk of injuries. More safety.

A major focus for our product development experts during the research and design process of the uvex i-PUREnrj technology was the natural movement of a person’s foot as they walk and how best to support while minimising fatigue. Working collaboratively with our biomechanics expert Dr Caleb Wegener from the uvex safety group in Australia our pioneering uvex 1 G2 safety footwear range is based on scientific findings.

Cushioning underneath the heel


higher energy absorption than the standard EN ISO 20345:2011 specifies

Joule [J] energy absorption

High energy return


energy return
underneath the heel.*

High energy return

High energy return


energy return in the
forefoot area.*

Energy return in the forefoot area

uvex i-PUREnrj

The pioneering uvex 1 G2 safety footwear range features uvex’s innovative polyurethane sole technology – uvex i-PUREnrj - which redefines shock absorption by cushioning the foot and providing increased stability. The recovered landing energy over the entire sole unit is returned to the wearer providing noticeably superior comfort, a boost of energy as they lift their foot allowing them to propel forward with greater ease which over the course of the day, results in significantly lower fatigue in the feet and better levels of concentration on the job.

The uvex i-PUREnrj two-layer outsole is made of a newly developed type of polyurethane. The midsole has an energy absorption of 40.8 joules, (i.e. double that required by the standard) while providing energy recovery of around 66% in the heel* and 59% in the forefoot*.
*Test report no.: L190714889 CTC Lyon — 22/08/2019

Cushioning after


higher cushioning after 1000km use compared to standard polyurethane soles.*

Cushioning after 1000km

Less fatigue. More comfort. More performance


less perceived fatigue compared to standard polyurethane soles.

Less fatigue

Increased stability

More Stability.
Reduced Risk of Injuries.
More Safety.

Excellent stability and secure fit in the shoe due to foamed heel basket and adapted density of the uvex i-PUREnrj technology.

More stability

uvex x-tended grip Technology

100% performance. Greater safety and stability. Longer life.

The uvex x-tended grip technology, based on the latest generation TPU outsole, guarantees even greater slip resistance across the whole outsole surface including when worn on smooth or wet surfaces. It also delivers even more abrasion resistance when compared to the standard, making them particularly durable. As a result the wearer experiences greater safety, stability, less wear and consequently lower costs thanks to a longer service life.

The coloured blocks in the heel (strike) and toe area (push off), provide additional grip as this is where there is typically the highest amount of abrasion.

Less abrasion ensures a longer life

Abrasion resistance with
uvex x-tended grip


more abrasion resistance than required by the standard

Improved abrasion resistance in
high wear zones (the heel and toe)


more abrasion resistance compared to the standard = product durability and longevity

Improved abrasion resistance
in 3 zones

1. TPU material and rubber modifier
2. TPU material
3. TPU material and rubber modifier

The TPU sole and rubber modified coloured zones (where there is typically more wear) have been produced to ensure the tread stays sharp edged for longer and is more slip resistant improving safety and stability.

The tread of the outsole with uvex x-tended grip technology has been specifically adapted to working on industrial floors. Shaped in accordance with the latest findings from biomechanical research and using the latest generation of TPU, the sole of the uvex 1 G2 is guaranteed to deliver even greater abrasion resistance and slip resistance on smooth or wet surfaces. The result? Greater safety and stability for the wearer; less wear and, consequently, lower costs thanks to a more durable, longer service life of the footwear.

uvex x-dry knit Technology

100% performance. 100% wearer comfort. 100% dry feet.

The unique uvex x-dry knit technology offers unparalleled levels of comfort by keeping feet dry and comfortable throughout an entire day thanks to the intelligent combination of outstanding breathability and water-repelling characteristics. Independent tests at PFI Pirmasens Test and Research Institute have proven the unique performance of the uvex x-dry knit technology.

Water vapour permeability


more breathable than the minimum requirement of EN ISO 20345

Water vapour coefficient


more breathability and absorption in the material than the minimum requirement of EN ISO 20345

Water penetration


more water resistant than the minimum requirement of EN ISO 20345

Water absorption


more than the minimum requirement of EN ISO 20345

uvex x-dry knit Technology

Discover the range

The new uvex 1 G2 range features uvex’s innovative polyurethane sole technology uvex i-PUREnrj to return the landing energy back to the wearer, uvex x-tended grip technology for even more stability and slip resistance, and the unique uvex x-dry knit technology for outstanding breathability and water-repellent characteristics. Available in S1 P, S1 and S3, and as either a shoe or a boot, the uvex 1 G2 has something for everyone.

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