Protecting people working in manufacturing

uvex provide a range of reliable PPE solutions designed for fit and comfort, ideal for those working in manufacturing. Being on your feet all day can take its toll on your body, with employees often experiencing discomfort, leading to fatigue. This then contributes to performance impairment - with employees 3x more likely to cause, or have, an accident in the workplace.

Machine oils, oil-based substances, greases, solvents and lubricants can cause occupational skin disease. OSDs are amongst the most significant health and safety issues facing industry. They threaten health, safety and efficiency in the workplace and the mental and physical wellbeing of affected workers. uvex phynomic range has also been dermatologically tested and approved by proDERM, the Institute for Applied Dermatological Research.

Smart and stylish safety footwear

Don’t lose precious time changing into your safety footwear. uvex has ensured that the same shoes or boots can be comfortably worn throughout your working day, eliminating the need to change shoes when visiting sites.

These multipurpose safety shoes can take you seamlessly from the office to the manufacturing floor, providing either S2 or S3 protection depending on your needs.

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Features of the uvex 1 business

Lightweight and stylish safety trainers

Lightweight, flexible and sporty designs with comfort in every step; a safety trainer is the ideal safety shoe for the manufacturing industry.

The RUN-R RANGE takes inspiration from the world of road and trail running in terms of its design, technologies and the performance it provides.

RUN-R range from Heckel

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Heckel RUN-R 100 safety trainer

Perfect fit safety gloves

The uvex phynomic series sets new standards for wearer comfort and performance. Manufactured using 3D hand ‘formas’ which mimic the contours of your hand, uvex phynomic gloves fit like a second skin.

Independently dermatologically approved, these gloves are safe for even the most allergy sensitive of wearers. uvex phynomic safety gloves are ideal for precision work, fine assembly, general maintenance and working in the food industry.

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Anti-fog and scratch resistant safety eyewear

The innovative features of the uvex pheos cx2 have been designed to deliver first class performance and provide reliable protection. uvex has developed an injection moulding process which enables the ideal combination of hard and soft materials around the brow, nose and side arms that adapt to the wearer’s face; delivering ultimate fit for outstanding protection and comfort.

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Easy to use hearing protection

Do you or your employees have trouble fitting earplugs, especially while wearing safety gloves, or find yourself having to constantly take them out and put them back in again?

The uvex xact-fit reusable is ideal for those working in manufacturing, move between different noise environments or looking to reduce waste going to landfill.

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uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs

High performance filtering face masks

The uvex silv-Air range of respiratory protection includes highly effective face masks in protective classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 that are extremely comfortable to wear. Protect yourself against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and fumes– even during longer periods of use.

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