uvex pheos faceguard - Innovative and systematic face protection

The uvex pheos faceguard system consists of a height and width-adjustable head mount and a high-quality, scratch-resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate visor. The visor can be locked in any position, while the head mount is fully adjustable providing the wearer with the highest level of flexibility.

The face protection system has been carefully designed to deliver an ergonomic, lightweight solution with ideal climate characteristics. With ingenious attachment options and replaceable parts, this face protection multisystem can be expanded to perfectly suit your area of application.

What sets uvex pheos faceguard face protection apart?

Face protection system
  • Fully pre-assembled face protection system - ready to use at any time
  • Sturdy polycarbonate visor with anti-fog and scratch-resistant uvex supravision excellence coating and uvex UV400 protection
  • Wide field of vision with the highest optical quality class
  • Low weight, slim design and balanced centre of gravity to relieve the spine
  • Comfortable fit even when worn with prescription spectacles and respirators
  • Expandable modular system with replaceable individual parts

Designed to protect the face and neck

The uvex pheos faceguard system has been designed to work with your body, evenly distributing the weight across your centre of gravity. By connecting the protective visor to an ergonomic head strap, we eliminated the need for the heavy helmet that usually serves as a visor mount. The low weight and compact design supports a natural head posture, minimising strain on the neck and back.

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Centre of gravity over the middle of the head

Ready to use

The uvex pheos faceguard is a fully pre-assembled face protection system. This means there is no need to connect the individual components; it is ready for use immediately. There are two different versions available, one with hearing protection and one without. With a range of ingenious attachment options and replaceable parts, this face protection multi-system can be expanded to perfectly suit your area of application.

The uvex pheos faceguard is ready to use

Clear vision

The sturdy, polycarbonate visor delivers a large field of vision for a wide, unrestricted view. Protected by uvex's lens coating technology, with anti-fog coating on the inside and scratch-resistant on the outside. The anti-fogging properties are permanent, even with repeated cleaning. The non-stick nanotechnology ensures effortless cleaning under running water. uvex UV400 offers the highest level of protection against UV rays.

The uvex pheos faceguard provides clear vision

Comfortable fit

The visor features a spring-loaded coupling rod for variable locking and sits centrally above the head in a neat resting position when not in use. This promotes a natural posture and minimises strain on the neck. The slim design also ensures that the faceguard does not get in the way, offering maximum freedom of movement. The wide uvex spiderneck piece ensures that the system fits securely and comfortably on the wearer's head and can be adjusted for sizes 52-64 with one hand - even when wearing gloves.

Designed to protect the face and neck

Modular and adaptable

The uvex pheos faceguard is an expandable multi-system with a wide range of accessories that is constantly growing. Hearing protection accessories can be attached and removed quickly using a bayonet lock. A slide-on sun visor for outdoor work and a click-in chin strap for working upside down offer additional protection. The system can also easily be combined and expanded with prescription spectacles or a respirator. This makes the uvex pheos faceguard the perfect product for a wide range of applications.

Modular and adaptable

uvex expert blog: Ergonomics and the uvex pheos faceguard

Did you know the average human head weighs around 5kg (or 11lbs) - and all that weight is balanced on just 7 vertebrae in your neck!

Poor posture for extended periods of time or excessive strains on the neck can cause tension and pain, and can even result in a slipped disc. Performing manual tasks puts particular strain on the upper spine, which is why when we were developing the uvex pheos face protection system the main focus was minimising extra weight and strain on the upper spine and neck. The low weight and compact design supports a natural head posture, minimising strain on the neck and back.

Find out more about our design of the uvex pheos faceguard in our uvex expert blog


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