uvex pheos nxt — reliable grip for a wide range of applications

Experience unparalleled comfort, exceptional vision, and robust protection with the uvex pheos nxt safety glasses. These innovative spectacles boast a combination of features that allows you to remain comfortable, focused and protected throughout the day.

Whether you are male or female working in construction, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, or manufacturing, the malleable side arms adapt to your head size for a pressure-free grip and long-lasting WEARABILITY.

Made in Germany
uvex pheos nxt 9128265

uvex’s superior anti-fog and scratch resistant lens coating technology, together with the lightweight, rimless design ensures a secure, comfortable fit and crystal-clear vision.

  • Ergonomically shaped arms with grip structure and soft ear-pieces ensure a comfortable and secure fit without creating pressure points
  • Increased air circulation for outstanding, climate-optimised wearer comfort through numerous openings in the side arms
  • Robust polycarbonate lens with proven uvex supravision coating technology – permanently anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens
  • UV400 – 100% protection against harmful UV radiation to 400 nm
  • Anatomically shaped nose piece for all-day wearer comfort
  • Metal-free

Innovative uvex side arm design

uvex safety eyewear must always fit perfectly, regardless of head position and how strenuous the work is. The innovative side arm design of the uvex pheos nxt ensures a reliable grip for a wide range of applications.

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uvex pheos nxt delivers excellent grip

Designed to grip

Forget the frustration of specs slipping down your nose, these innovative side arms deliver a comfortable, secure fit eliminating annoying slips and accidental drops.

Flexible side arm twist technology

Designed to fit

Ditch the earache, distractions and discomfort. Our revolutionary malleable side arms with twist technology adapt to the wearer delivering a snug fit without the pressure.

Maximum air circulation

Designed to vent

The innovative side arms with minimal framework and venting channels, are made from soft and flexible lightweight materials making them extremely comfortable for long periods of use.

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Our coatings are fundamentally different than the competition

uvex’s pioneering lens coatings deliver the very best in German engineering. Developed in our own manufacturing facilities in Fürth, Germany, our lens coatings are permanent even after repeated cleaning. This offers great value for money and means you can get on with the job at hand without any distractions from your eyewear

Proven uvex supravision coating technology

Proven uvex supravision lens coating technology

✔ Permanent anti-fog on the inside
✔ Scratch resistant on the outside
✔ 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation up to 400 nm – a uvex standard

Unrestricted field of vision

Panoramic vision

✔ Unrestricted field of vision thanks to the frameless lens design.
✔ Optical class 1 clarity across the entire lens.

Lightweight design

Lightweight design

Our patent pending, uvex aero non-slip 3D side arm components give it a featherweight feel at just 25g. It is also 10% lighter than the popular uvex pheos.

uvex CBR23 lens tint technology

  • 23% light transmission for strain-free vision and high levels of wearer comfort.
  • Blue light reduction increases alertness, focus and productivity and reduces risk of fatigue.
  • Optimal protection against glare makes uvex CBR23 ideal for outdoor applications.
  • 50% blue light reduction at 450nm reduces risk of retinal damage which can lead to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Other side effects include headaches, neck and eye strain.
  • Permanent lens tint lasts for the life of the product.
x-showcase uvex CBR23 tints
uvex pheos size range

An addition to the uvex pheos safety eyewear family

The uvex pheos nxt has been designed to offer another size choice within the uvex pheos family, making this range a truly universal solution. Choosing uvex as your safety eyewear provider makes it really easy for wearers to find a safety spectacle that fits their individual head shape, facial features, working environment and personal style choices. Ensuring a proper fit is crucial for wearer’s safety, and it also increases the likelihood that eyewear stays worn throughout the working day, increasing compliance.

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uvex pheos nxt planet
uvex pheos nxt planet — protects people and the planet

uvex pheos nxt planet — protecting people and the planet

uvex has developed the protecting planet icon, to help raise awareness of its commitment to achieving increased sustainability. Based on the brand claim, protecting people, our sustainable approach integrates three core interlinked pillars — ecology, economy and social responsibility, that are incorporated throughout the business to improve our sustainability performance. This explains the comprehensive audit, measurement and evaluation management process uvex undertakes along the entire value chain to ensure its products are as sustainable as possible.

protecting planet label
protecting planet label
protecting planet label

Recycled materials

  • Side arms: Hard component made from 32.5% recycled material, and soft components made from 47.4% recycled material, using waste from the recycling bin
  • Lens: Made of 100% mass-balanced polycarbonate** offering the same mechanical impact resistance but with a reduced carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly packaging

  • Polyester bag film: Up to 70% recycled material from production waste
  • Cartons: Made of over 90% recycled paper

Environmentally friendly production

  • Paper for instruction manuals: 30% reduction
  • Packing units: Increase from 5 to 10 pairs of spectacles reduces packaging material and causes less waste

* As of 08/2023. Calculation method: IPCC 2021 GWP 100a (based on ISO 14067) SimaPro 9.4.02 ecoinvent database 3.8. Scope: cradle-to-customer. These CO2 values are valid at the time of calculation and may be subject to change.

** Mass-balanced products are products whose production has been proven to use bio-based raw materials or primary products within a specified scope and without biogenic carbon being reliably detectable in the final product. Mass balancing is a bookkeeping method (e.g. for the proportion of recycled materials) for recording and tracking the mass flows of plastics along the entire value creation chain. In this process, fossil-based raw materials are replaced during production, for example through the replacement of CO2, biomass or secondary raw materials from chemical recycling. Since the mass-balanced approach is a bookkeeping method, the exact proportion of recycled materials in the product cannot be determined exactly.

uvex pheos nxt range - Ready for any challenge

The versatile features and the possibility to combine it with other uvex safety equipment, such as safety helmets and hearing protection, make the uvex pheos nxt the perfect all-rounder for a wide range of applications in industry, trade and construction.

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