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Bamboo TwinFlex® Technology

Bamboo TwinFlex®

The patented Bamboo TwinFlex® Technology, a material composition made of a cut protection fibre on the outside and a bamboo comfort fibre on the inside, combines outstanding skin sensory properties with excellent climate characteristics and extremely good cut protection (cut protection level 3 and 5). The bamboo's natural fibre provides very good moisture transport and absorption, as well as a pleasant feeling on the skin. It is free of harmful substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Structure of the Bamboo TwinFlex® Technology with double-face principle:

  • The patented Bamboo TwinFlex® protection function: Strong glass fibres and abrasion-resistant polyamide guarantee optimal mechanical protection.
  • The patented Bamboo TwinFlex® comfort function: Soft, comfortable bamboo yarn for silky wearer comfort and perfect temperature control combined with durable HPPE fibre for high tear resistance.
  • uvex SoftGrip coatings: The climate properties are supported by the newly developed SoftGrip coatings made out of high performance elastomer (HPE). Ret values (= resistance to moisture vapour transfer) of under 20 are achieved with these new coatings. For the user, this means noticeable breathability, which ensures increased wearer comfort.

Why do we use bamboo?

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric has been growing in popularity due to its many unique properties and is more sustainable than most textile fibres. Bamboo fabric:

  • is light and strong
  • has excellent wicking properties and pulls moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate
  • is able to take three times its weight in water
  • will absorb 50% more moisture than cotton
  • does not cause skin reactions like wool and hemp can cause
  • is cool in summer and warm in winter
  • has many antibacterial qualities

Gloves featuring bamboo

Why do we use bamboo?
uvex Xtra Grip Technology

Xtra Grip

The uvex Xtra Grip Technology reliably manages oil and liquids. The unique, multilayer design of the nitrile coating ensures an effective grip, while maintaining a high level of flexibility and outstanding tactile feel and wearer comfort. The robust design delivers optimum durability.

The uvex Xtra Grip Technology is applied to selected uvex safety gloves that protect against mechanical or chemical risks – and they are completely "Made in Germany".

Gloves featuring Xtra Grip

3D-Ergo technology

uvex 3D-Ergo

The revolutionary 3D-Ergo technology is based on the anatomically formed 3D ergo hand shape, the elastic aqua polymer coating system and a 15-gauge fine-knit liner based on polyamide/elastane. The result: Precision throughout right to the fingertips.

Gloves featuring uvex 3D-Ergo

uvex climazone hand climate management

uvex climazone hand climate management

uvex climazone functions like the body's own climatic system: deviations from the individual climate are balanced and the body temperature remains at a consistently comfortable level. Excess warmth and moisture are effectively removed, reducing the feeling of cold. Temperature regulation is of particular importance in hand protection products. Hands have more sweat glands than any other part of the human body, with 375 per square centimetre on the palm and 200 per square centimetre on the back. During physical activity, the resulting moisture must either be stored or dissipated by the material.

Innovative coating technologies, cutting-edge materials and unique ventilation solutions ensure high product quality and wearer acceptance. The material's breathability, ventilated design and high moisture retention create real comfort and keep hands dry and protected.

Gloves featuring climazone

HexArmor technologies

Unmatched cut protection with SuperFabric®

Unmatched cut protection with SuperFabric®

SuperFabric® brand materials provide ISEA/ANSI level A6-A9 cut resistance and exceed CE Level 5 cut resistance. The configuration of tiny guard plates doesn't allow these hazards to find a "window" to penetrate the skin's surface. Just a single layer of breathable, dexterous, cut and puncture-resistant SuperFabric® brand material inside or outside your PPE protects against blades, wire, metal, glass, and more – we’ve prevented life-changing injuries and saved companies millions in medical expenses. Cut injuries make up a large portion of reported injuries in industrial workplaces, yet 70% can be prevented. Most SuperFabric® products provide ANSI/ISEA level A6 through A9 cut resistance, giving workers more elevated cut protection than typical woven PPE. Unlike typical fiber-based safety gloves, HexArmor with SuperFabric® is designed to prevent hazards from puncturing through and ultimately penetrating the skin’s surface. Most SuperFabric® PPE maintains industry-leading A6 to A9 rated cut levels.

Gloves featuring SuperFabric® cut protection

SuperFabric® Puncture Resistance

SuperFabric® Puncture Resistance

SuperFabric® brand materials are engineered to deflect and block everything from industrial puncture hazards as thick as a wood splinter, to a single wire strand from a steel braided cable. The spacing between the guard plates provides needed flexibility without sacrificing performance. HexArmor® gloves, arm, and body protection made with SuperFabric® are engineered to arrest and deflect everything from industrial puncture hazards as jagged as a wood splinter, to a fine single wire strand from a steel braided cable. Small guard plate geometry traps and blocks the hazard, providing flexibility while preventing a puncture from reaching the skin, an event that could lead to a laceration.

Gloves featuring SuperFabric® puncture resistance

SuperFabric® Needlestick Protection

SuperFabric® Needlestick Protection

HexArmor® needlestick-resistant products work by layering flexible SuperFabric® brand materials over each other; providing superior performance without sacrificing dexterity. SuperFabric® guard plates either block and deflect or trap and arrest needle hazards in the small gaps found between guard plates, keeping workers safe from needlestick injuries.

Needle-resistant products by HexArmor® feature layers of SuperFabric® brand material that block, deflect, trap or arrest needle hazards in the small gaps found between the guard plates. All while maintaining dexterity and breathability. SuperFabric® offers industry-defining needlestick protection. And, unlike most other needle-resistant technology, you don’t see a dip in other protective properties when you choose HexArmor PointGuard® products. Our needlestick-resistant products also boast some of the highest cut resistance in the industry.

Gloves featuring SuperFabric® needlestick protection


TP-X® palm material excels in oils and fluids because it does not absorb liquids. This makes it ideal for maintaining grip in oily or wet conditions, when lesser gloves would fail.


This advanced material features grooves in the surface that enhance grip over time. A more robust, heavyduty alternative to TP-X®, the TP-X+® palm provides increased cut, puncture and abrasion resistance, and may provide heat resistance as well.

Sandy Nitrile

Sandy nitrile provides a good dry and wet grip. It is lightweight, providing excellent dexterity, and it also adds a high level of abrasion resistance. A good choice for incidental contact with unknown substances such as solvents, chemicals, oils, etc.

Wrinkle Rubber Latex

Wrinkle rubber latex is a flexible, non-porous palm coating that provides excellent dry grip. It also offers good wet grip, but is not recommended for use with hydrocarbon and organic solvents such as gasoline as these can cause premature degradation. When wrinkle rubber gets wet, it can turn a powdery gray; however, this does not affect performance.

IR-X® impact protection

The Next Generation of Impact Protection

The most advanced HexArmor™ impact resistance comes with all the dexterity, all the comfort, and more protection than offered by any other impact-protective glove on the market. Our proprietary IR-X™ technology shields our gloves with a full back-of-hand Impact Exoskeleton™ so every joint and knuckle is protected from debilitating blows.

In addition to being 42% taller than competitive impact guards, IR-X™ smash guards are purpose-built to deflect the force of sudden impacts away from the impact point, rather than transferring force directly to the hand. This unique characteristic is what sets IR-X™ safety levels higher than the competition, and its flexibility is what makes the IR-X™ Impact Exoskeleton™ more comfortable and more dexterous than any other impact-resistant technology available.

Gloves featuring IR-X® protection

Why do we use Bamboo fibres?

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