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uvex u-cap sport technologies

uvex u-cap sport

The ergonomically shaped hard shell with integrated shock-absorbing elements ensures safety and optimal wearer comfort.

Integrated shock-absorbing elements with honeycomb structure
The complete protective function in accordance with EN 812 is reproduced through a specially developed design with a honeycomb structure and integrated shock-absorbing elements.

Flexibility with armadillo design
With the armadillo design, the uvex u-cap sport has extra flexibility and adapts ergonomically to different head shapes and sizes. The extended ear section makes it easier to use earmuffs.

Continuously adjustable
The uvex u-cap sport can be attached to the head quickly and safely using the hinged Velcro fastening.

Graphic showing airflow through uvex safety helmet

uvex climazone helmet ventilation

Keep a cool head at all times: The individually adjustable climazone ventilation ensures optimal ventilation. Three variable ventilation zones of the safety helmet can be opened or closed as you wish. The arrangement of the ventilation slots lets warm air escape, keeping a comfortable head climate in the safety helmet.

Innovative climate management from head to toe
The uvex climazone product system stands for climate management from head to toe. To do this, uvex has combined its expertise in research, material use and product development and is the only manufacturer of personal protective equipment to present a functioning climate concept, which is applied in an integrated approach across all product groups. Find out more