Safety trainers from uvex

Lightweight, flexible and sporty designs with comfort in every step; a safety trainer is the ideal safety shoe for light industry such as warehouse, logistics, automotive, aerospace and tradesmen.

The best safety footwear should be supple, allowing freedom of movement without discomfort when walking or kneeling and comfortable enough to wear all day. Comfort is extremely important for both your employee's wellbeing and their safety - remember, if PPE is uncomfortable or a distraction employees are less likely to wear it. By using breathable materials, the climate of our uvex safety shoes is optimised reducing the mental pressure from being uncomfortable and therefore, reducing fatigue.

Combining safety and style

The lighter the footwear and the greater the shock absorption, the less hard the muscles in the foot, leg and back must work, reducing strain and allowing performance to be maintained for longer.

Designed with safety in mind, protective footwear from uvex features slip-resistant soles, anti-twist protection, breathable upper and lining materials, all with comfort at the forefront of the designs.

Features of lightweight safety trainers

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uvex 1 trainer

Designed for those that spend most of their working day standing, walking or generally active, the uvex 1 trainer provides comfort, support, cushioning and high levels of slip resistance. The breathable, flexible, lightweight materials feel like you are wearing a sports trainer, with a modern look straight from the high street.

uvex 1 G2 safety trainers

The uvex 1 G2 safety trainers feature three innovative technologies - uvex i-PUREnrj redefines shock absorption and stability by recovering the landing energy over the entire sole unit and returning it back to the wearer; uvex x-tended grip technology with abrasion and slip resistance ensures stability and sure-footedness when walking; and uvex x-dry knit is a unique technology that combines outstanding breathability with water-repellent characteristics.

uvex 1 safety footwear

The multipurpose uvex 1 is designed for excellent grip and comfortable all-day use in indoor or lighter environments such as factories, warehouses and logistics. It supports the natural movement of the body. These include a perforated version for those working in warmer environments; shoes specifically made for women using a ladies’ last to give a better, more comfortable fit; and models with safety levels varying from S1, S2 to S3. Also available is a version with extended heel support, helping to stabilise the foot and provide greater anti-twist protection for reduced risk of sprains.

Heckel RUN-R range

The RUN-R RANGE takes inspiration from the world of road and trail running in terms of its design, technologies and the performance it offers. Low weight, ultra-flexible safety shoes with excellent slip resistance (SRC), microfibre uppers, 100% metal-free toe cap and premium hygienic insole.

This range is designed for tradesmen; those working in warehousing and logistics and light industry: delivering optimum shock absorption, ergonomic fit, low weight and excellent climate characteristics, ensuring maximum performance and redefining the limits for safety footwear.

uvex 1 sport white

The uvex 1 sport white is a contemporary, stylish safety shoe with excellent wearer comfort thanks to a lightweight design, climate-optimised high-tech materials, ergonomically designed outsole and the uvex multiple fit system. The virtually seam-free finish prevents unwanted contaminants from getting inside the shoe when worn in environments where hygiene is paramount. Combining sporty design, optimal comfort and sophisticated functionality for hygienic areas.

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