Unrivaled anti-fog coatings that don’t wash off

Due to the way that safety eyewear should fit - close to the face keeping dirt and debris out - it can cause moisture build up, especially if the wearer is doing a physical job which can result in the lens fogging. The solution? Sophisticated coating systems from uvex.

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Wearing safety eyewear in places with frequent temperature fluctuations or high-humidity environments can cause the lenses to fog up, leading to severe or continuous fogging issues. Our long-lasting anti-fog lens coating is ideal for areas with high humidity.

Not only is it frustrating but there are also safety, productivity and compliance issues that come along with it. uvex’s pioneering lens coatings deliver the very best in German engineering. Developed in our own manufacturing facilities in Fürth, Germany, our lens coatings are permanent even after repeated cleaning. This offers great value for money and means you can get on with the job at hand without any distractions from your eyewear.

It's important to remember not all anti-fog coatings are created equal

Chemically engineered to not wash off, uvex’s anti-fog coatings are fundamentally different from others – that’s because all uvex anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic, which causes fog moisture to absorb into the lens acting like a sponge, eliminating fog quickly and efficiently (see visual below).

uvex lens coating technology

This is a drastic change from the fog resistance that you’re used to as most competitive anti-fog coatings are hydrophobic, which causes moisture to spread out as it hits the lens instead of dissipating. Once several moisture droplets start to congregate, fogging occurs. Hydrophobic coatings are also detergent-based and may start to lose their effectiveness through repeated washing.

Do you know what to look for in a safety eyewear lens coating demo?

The safety market is saturated with products all claiming to have similar performance values, however, some safety eyewear companies are resorting to “magic tricks” to fool an audience about its products anti-fog capabilities. The “trick” is that like-for-like lens coatings are not being used for the demonstration thereby, casting doubt on the capability and performance of uvex products. Watch this video to ensure you know what to look out for when buying anti-fog safety eyewear.

uvex sets the record straight

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Unrivalled Protection

uvex’s flow-coating application technology provides an anti-fog coating that is consistent, clear, uniquely bonded to the lens, and up to 4x thicker than dip-coated alternatives. Exclusive to uvex, this flow-coating process also allows different supravision coating configurations to be applied to either side of the lens, giving the wearer more specific, quality protection where they need it most.

By contrast, most competitive safety eyewear is dip coated. This uneven, thinner coating is the result of a technique where identical coatings are applied on both sides of the lens, which sacrifices the quality of one protective property over the other (scratch-resistance vs. fog protection mixed together, diluting both).

Proper Cleaning and Care

In order to ensure long-lasting performance from your uvex safety eyewear, ensure you clean your lenses in the correct way to minimise damage to the lens coatings. First, lightly blow off any loose dirt or debris and then run your eyewear under cool water – uvex lenses are engineered to allow excess dirt to wash off easily, without sticking.

Next, spray the cleaning solution found in the uvex eyewear lens cleaning station directly onto the lens, and then use the lens-safe tissue to wipe clean. If you’re not immediately putting the safety eyewear back on, store them in a protective pouch; never put unprotected eyewear in your pocket.

Proper Cleaning and Care

Alternative anti-fog solutions

uvex have a number of anti-fog solutions to choose from, depending on your individual need. Our uvex antifog lens cloth allows users to apply an effective anti-fog coating to their lenses as and when they need - ideal for occasional mask wearers. For prescription safety glasses wearers, we are able to provide lenses coated with Optifog's unique anti-fog system, providing a more permanent anti-fog solution, ideal for professionals that need a long-term anti-fog solution.

uvex antifog cloth

uvex antifog cloth - The affordable anti-fog solution

The uvex antifog cloth provides an ideal solution for those who wish to benefit from uvex's anti-fog technology as and when they need it. Simply wipe the cloth over your lenses and an ultra-thin layer of uvex's unique anti-fog formula is applied to the lens preventing them from misting up, resulting in streak-free, clear vision for hours. The uvex antifog cloth can be used on any lens: prescription glasses, sunglasses, industrial and sports visors, goggles or screens, and is ideal for mask wearers. The uvex antifog cloths are individually wrapped so they can be carried in a handbag, toolkit or in the glovebox so you can administer anti-fog protection whenever it’s needed.

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Optifog cloth

Optifog - The long-lasting anti-fog solution

Optifog's unique anti-fog system combines two patented technologies: Optifog lens treatment and a smart textile cloth with anti-fog molecules that activates the power of the Optifog lens. The Optifog lens treatment means both the front and back surfaces of the lens have integrated anti-fog technology. Simply wipe your lenses with the smart cloth and droplets that would usually obstruct your vision spread uniformly across the lens, in an invisible and fog-free layer. The Optifog system is ideal for professionals such as those frequently moving from cold to hot environments, cooks, delivery drivers, florists, etc.

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There are several factors to consider when choosing which anti-fog coating is right for you. To learn more about this technology or which anti-fog coating is best for your needs, contact your local uvex representative who will be happy to help:

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